20 questions v 5.1

Okay, here we go with the latest installment of 20 questions with SRH. I am traveling for work today to sunny, Hudson, Ohio to look at digital asset inventorying systems for their water utility. Are any of you jealous? I didn’t think so.

Again, thanks to everyone who submitted questions. This time around I got some q’s from across the Pond and south of that Panama Canal. I am an inter-continental answerer now.

1. If the Collective Unconscious, according to Jung, really exists, is it ineffective because there are so many people who want so many different things? If we culled the population (90% or so) would it work better?
I think the Collective Unconscious will never be useful because even if the population were only 10% of today’s pop, 90% of those people would still be self-absorbed jack-asses.

2. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what wouldit be - Give examples?
I would only eat cooked food. That is a type, right? As for examples, braised, roasted, broasted, grilled, sautéed, flambéed, stir fried, deep fried, pan seared, baked, I could go on and on…

3. Who was the best James Bond and why?
Sean Connery. Far and away the best Bond of the bunch. He set the bar. Plain and simple

4. Which would you rather live without Books or Television?
I no read so good, but most TV is based on books. Crap, I would give up TV. And Damn you to Hell for making me say that!

5. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I just wanted the Hell out of Alabama! I didn’t care if I was flipping burgers at a fast food joint, as long as I was far far away from ‘bama. Ummm… upon further reflection a swashbuckling swordsman Jedi ninja.

6. Finish creatively: "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water..."
Jill realized that she was not really all that necessary for this trip and decided to let Jack do it himself. She now has to live with the guilt of Jack’s death by “Broken Crown.” Why Jack? Why?!?!? You were so young….

7. “Reddish Rain Water” was falling in India in 2001. Is this an alien invasion? If so, isn’t it about time?
It is the precursor of the alien invasion, not the invasion itself

8. If you had infinite mind-influencing power; would you, or would you not, create a scary cult dedicated to the adoration of Little Man?
Already starting to form the cult as I type. You know he is soon to be your leader

9. What came first, sunset-s or sunrise-s?

10. Which Superhero would make the best father - Discuss?
Definitely not any of these weirdos

11. Why is it that Chicago is cool and Detroit Sucks?
I found my trip to Chicago to be most un-cool, so I am not the person to answer this one for you.

12. Why do people make fun of the statement “It is not the heat, it is the humidity.” When it clearly is the humidity?
People like to make fun of clichés for being trite. Clichés exist for a reason people…

13. Which is a worse death? Falling from a plane or being poisoned?
Snakes on a Plane ‘nuff said

14. It appears that in dolphin conversations, the dolphins self identify with every phrase in their whistles and clicks (for example, “Flipper swims fast. Flipper likes to eat. Flipper this and Flipper that. Flipper sure is into himself…). Why is it that their “names” that they identify themselves with seem to more closely resemble their mother’s more than their father’s?
Turns out that the dolphin social structure is rather fluid, much like the medium in which they live. Mothers and calves stay together for the calves’ early life while the father goes out drinking with his buddies. I would say that the moms actually name the little tykes and the dad has very little to do with their offspring. That is why.

15. Who knew?
Only the Shadow knows…

16. Since the DaVinci Code is not really that original of an idea, and really not that well written of a book, why is it so popular and shouldn’t the people who made it so popular just read more?
Yes, they need to read more and better books

17. Whatever happened to Estelle Getty?
I have no idea, but you can still catch Golden Girls re-runs if you need your fix. I think the networks are a bit afraid of doing a “Where are they now: Golden Girls” because there is a good chance they are dead.

18. How do you think Harry Potter is going to end?
I really think Harry is going to win. He will vanquish Voldemort and in doing so Gryffendor will get 10 points which is just enough to put them above Slytheryn for the House Cup. Yep, Harry will save the freaking world and Gryffendor will get 10 measly points.

19. What college experience do you regret and why?
I went drinking one night after an all you appetizers meal. Turns out I ate a whole bunch of chicken fingers and then drank a whole bunch, and then saw how many chicken fingers I ate a whole bunch.

20. What is your favorite thing about Little Man?
Right now, this very instant? His laugh. Not his fake laugh, the real one that only comes out occasionally, but is oh so worth it.

To Recap:
Going to Hudson to look at pipes on a computer
I think I have done this before somewhere
I know you all are extremely jealous
I just know it
It is the only thing that will keep me going today
Have a great weekend
Good Luck to the English v T and T, they are Dynomite