The World Cup of Father's Day

I have 2 topics to discuss in today’s post. Honestly I am not entirely sure what order to bring forth these 2 topics. Well, they are World Cup soccer and Father’s Day. So here we are, which should come first? The soccer or the Father’s Day? The soccer or the Father’s Day? The soccer or the Father’s Day? Okay, I am getting a vibe from the back of the room asking me to table the soccer talk until after the papa chat.

Father’s Day:

Why is on days that we are attempting to celebrate our role as a parent we always want time to ourselves. At least that is the case for Wifey and me. On Mother’s Day this year, the big gift that Wifey wanted (and subsequently, did not get due to circumstances out of my control) was time away from Little Man duties. This year for Father’s Day I wanted to sleep in and not change dirty diapers and the like. Wifey gamely attempted to change Little Man’s first diaper, but he was having none of that so by 9:00 am I was wiping poop from the little one’s backside. Yea me. The day kind of followed that trajectory for a while culminating in his spitting out 2 bites of chicken tenders into my hand because they were too hot. FYI: partially chewed chicken tender pieces are rather disgusting to touch, much less has ejected into the palm of your hand. Yeeeeeee-uck!

All in all though, I got a “Happy Fatte’s Day” (a really close pronunciation) from Little Man as I finished my part in last evening’s bed time routine. That pretty much made it all worthwhile. Now I just have to steel myself for Wednesday’s celebration of the beginning of my 32nd year of life. Yippee.

USA vs. Italy:

Italy, you should feel lucky that the ref absolutely sucked. His suckage and penchant for throwing red cards around saved your boot country’s World Cup asses. The De Rossi foul was definitely a straight red-card. Not many impartial people will deny that. The only reason that McBride was able to continue is that he has had so many facial surgeries that he has no feeling in his cheeks. The Pope red-card was questionable but acceptable, but the Mastroeni straight red-card was absolutely a crap call. Italy, you should be very pleased with the point you got, cause the US was robbed, by a ref who was suspended prior to the ’02 Cup for some such reason. Horrible refereeing, just plain horrible.

That demonstration of horrid reffing begs the question as to why no US ref’s were selected for center spots. Brian Hall is much better than that tool of a ref disgracing the pitch, but he wasn’t called up for the cup. He would have been a fine ref for some other fixture, and we could have gotten someone other than Cardy McWhistle. Hell, my lazy ass brother could have called a better match, and he is only reffing High School games in Virginia Beach. To call half the crap he did in the first half and to eject that many players without making hardly any calls late in the second half shows some kind of inconsistency and questionable behavior in the eyes of most cup viewers. If you don’t mind me speaking for you, “most cup viewers.”

What makes me most happy about the game is that the US team really was going after it. Completely contrary to the Czech game where the US looked listless and unconcerned, at best. Now we have to beat the ever living snot out of really good Ghana team to ensure Team USA’s place in the second round. That will be rather difficult since, up to this point the US has not actually scored a goal.

To recap:
Partially chewed chicken tender in the palm of my hand, makes me feel just a bit on the queasy side
Next Father’s day gift should be the ability to sleep in
Man, I need some sleep
It seems to be the only thing I am consistently thinking about
32 on Wednesday
Somehow 32 seems a bit underwhelming
There is that whelming again
Refs should not influence the outcome of a game
They should make sure that the sides adhere to the codes of conduct associated with the sport
This ref was arbitrary and should be banned from further iternational matches