My commute is not a terribly long drive. Typically it takes about 15 minutes if I don’t get all the lights. If I get the lights, I can maybe, just maybe make it in using up only 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

Often I have bizarre and strange musings on this short jaunt into work. These musings typically flit in and out of my brain like moths trying to get to light bulbs, but I would hardly consider these thoughts to be the proverbial light bulbs going off in my mind. Nope these thoughts are way too fleeting and ill-formed to be any sort of useful thoughts. These stray thoughts range from what animal combinations would look like and their names (for example: 1. alligator + penguin = alliguin or pengator 2. marmoset + lemming = marmoming or lemmiset or 3. wombat + vampire bat = vampire wombat) to the potential of creating a pulse laser weapon using surgical lasers and an oscillating focal length (a very complicated idea to say the least) or even the creation of a new system of mathematics that involve non-existent numbers (an even more complicated idea to say the least, yet again). Mind you, I have neither the time, the energy, the expertise nor the power to bring any of these lame schemes/ideas to fruition, but sometimes these are the things I think about on the drive into work.

Today was not one of those days. Today I just listened to NPR and drove into work.

To Recap:
The drive in is when the inane crap occurs
I think it has to do with my brain slowly coming “online”
If I lived on the Island of Dr Moreau, you would need to be afraid, very afriad
The drive home typically involves talking to Little Man about his day
I do most of the talking
How was your day, Little Man?
Did you have fun at Grandma D and Grandpa R’s today
Where are we going now?