Ninja Samurai Death House

So, on Thursday afternoon, whilst driving to meet our realtor to peruse some houses we might be interested in buying, Wifey noticed one particular house was for sale. There was more to it than that. In front of this particular house there was a couple who looked like they were about to tour said house.

Our Conversation:

Wifey: Hey, SRH, there’s a couple about to see that house, do they know someone was killed there.

Me: Someone wasn’t just killed there, Wifey. They were killed with a sword by a guy wearing a ninja costume.

Wifey: Yeah, you can’t get that kind of blood stain out easily.

Me: Maybe that is why the price was reduced?

Wifey: I hope they re-carpeted

Me: Boy Howdy!

I think this is another reason why Wifey and I are not realtors. Well, that and our dislike of interacting with people on a daily basis.

To Recap:
It is my birthday tomorrow
I was not planning on coming into work
Now I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon that I have to go to from 3 to 4
Rassin' frassin' rickin' rackin' curse curse sputter
I will be a whopping 32 years old
That means my maximum heart rate for aerobic activity will be a paltry 150.4
I can get my heart rate up to 150 by thinking about a milkshake
The guy was killed by someone dressed as a ninja and wielding samurai swords
Choose, either be a samurai or a ninja
Only one rivalryt exists that is greater than the Samurai/Ninja rivalry
That is the Pirate/Ninja Rivalry as documented here, here, and here
I am discounting the Mime/Clown rivalry
Mainly due to lack of deaths
"Ninja Samurai Death House"
Was that a great title, or what?