20 Questions Tuesday: 2 Little Man's Birthday

Today is Little Man’s mighty 3rd birthday. Please refrain from telling him this because he will want even more presents. Anyway, as a birthday treat for the little boy of the day, he shall answer all the questions. I will also give some explanation of his responses. Everyone knows that 3 year olds need interpreters.

Special thanks to KimM, Jude, Continuity Girl, B-Dawg, Peefer, and Wifey for their contribution of questions for this week.

Here are the 20 questions.

No Papa turn, Little Man turn
Yes, Yes, it is your turn Little Man.

1. Now that you have been blogging for sometime...if you could change the name of your blog (Under Construction), would you? and to what?
Papa… PAPA… PA-PA!!!
Okay what he is trying to get at here, is that he is not the one who blogs, but I do. I have toyed around with the idea of changing the title of the blog, but I have come to see "Under Construction" as an okay title, so it shall remain.

2. Why is it so absolutely delicious and pleasurable to eat (yummy stuff, of course)? Shouldn't we be bored by the endless, endless repetition; the interminable habit of putting stuff in our mouths and chewing? Clearly it's a survival of the species built-in thing; but shouldn't it be possible to harness that same capacity for routine for other boring necessities, such as working and getting up in the morning?
I chicky tenders. Ketchup. Hot Dog! Dinner! Orange Rice. Toast, Nilla Toast, Ta-co, yellow chip...
Okay, Little Man is giving you his lexicon of food. PINK JUICE BOX! What he is trying to get at is that even at the tender age of 3 he has a goodly amount of things to choose from for food. PINK JUICE BOX! The choices for eating are pretty much endless, but even with those endless possibilities, people do still get into a rut of food prep. Since eating is a sustaining and pleasurable event, PINK JUICE BOX! it is much more enjoyable than working or getting up . I think that is the difference. There would be very very few obese people, if eating were distasteful but necessary. PINK JUICE BOX! Fine, I will get you a pink juice box.

3. Sweet or savory? perfect red baby strawberries with fresh whipped cream on a buttery, crumbly shortbread; or super-smooth, slightly spicy guacamole with incredibly crisp salty nachos? (I'm hungry)
Little Man would merely go for the strawberries and then probably eat some nachos, so in answer to your question, both.

4. Reading or writing?
Read, Papa. No write.
Little Man really does not like it when I write things down, but he does enjoy a good book. By good book I do mean about 10 pages, made of cardboard with simple sentences. Beat that Grisham!

5. Who would make the better father Superman or Batman?
It seems that he thinks I would make a better father than Superman or Batman, and I actually tend to agree.

Firstly Superman: he is from another planet, but more than that his dual identity would get in the way. He could not really be there for a child as a true father whilst keeping his day job at the daily planet and saving the world from nefarious super villains.
Secondly Batman: Aside from the same issues that Superman would have being an absent father, every time this man has taken charge of a kid’s well-being, he has dressed that child up in tights, made them wear a mask, and shown them the “Secret Bat Cave Entrance.” I don’t think I need to go into just how icky that is.

6. Did you have a pet as a child?
Kitty cat, kitty cat, kitty cat. 3 cat.
Little Man had three cats when he was born, but we had to find new homes for them due to his asthma and allergies. I miss the kittens terribly

7. Which fictional character would play you in a film about your life?
Little Nut Brown Hare
Looks like he would like his part played by a little brown rabbit, and, honestly, who wouldn't

8. What’s your favourite type of pasta?
He really likes mafalda

9. Who was the best James Bond?
Pip and Pop
His favorite characters on Bear in the Big Blue House are the otters Pip and Pop. Tutter a mouse. He also likes Tutter. Ojo… Yes and Ojo the little bear as well. Bear! That pretty much is the entire cast, Little Man. Anyway, he doesn’t really know about Bond as of yet.

10. How do you feel about "grok" from Heinlein's stranger in a strange land being listed in the dictionary?

What grok?
There is a certain appeal to such a guttural sounding word

11. Will you be disappointed if in the new wonder woman movie, she doesn't spin to change identities like Linda Carter.
Little Man spinning
Yes, yes, you are spinning. Luckily when Little Man spins he does not change into an Amazonian warrior princess. Sadly, I do not think that that will be part of the movie.

12. Is “spin in circles” redundant like “tiny little” and “great big?”
It a Big Big World, it a great big world…
Yes, it truly is a big, big world. Anyway, I think one could spin in an elliptical path, so it does make some sense unlike "little tiny" and "great big."

13. Does it surprise you that meerkats have to be taught how to kill and eat scorpions? And could they teach us how to do it?
No, a meerkat, Little Man. I have a 3 year old who is ripe for the training in the killing and eating of scorpions

14. Could you handle the pressure of being "a gangster of love"?
I luv you.
I love you too, Punkin. Being a “Gangster of Love” is much easier than being a “Gansta of Luv.”

15. What is your favourite style of carpet: Berber, shag, or hand-knotted and sheared by a child labourer?
Wood floor
He likes his allergen free hard wood floors, personally, if I have to choose a carpet, I want to make sure my choice helps a child start out their career.

16. What is the true answer to life, the universe, and everything, not to be mistaken with the most-often quoted answer to life, the universe, and everything, which is "forty-two"?
Red caboose at back, orange tank car, yellow hopper car, green cat car, blue gondola car, purple boc car, black tender, black STEAM engine
I, unfortunately cannot disagree.

17. What is the proper usage of the ellipsis?

… indeed

18. Will you ever post a picture of yourself on this blog?
Little Man, Papa
I am near the bottom of the post.

19. What is the brightest and/or most blinding light you have ever seen?
Sun in sky
Yep, I think the Sun is about as bright as it gets

20. What would make a great band like Weezer think about breaking up?
Weezer, WEEZER, W-E-E-Z-E-R!!!!! MORE LOUD!!!!
I think they may be thinking about giving up the idea of the band, because they have never met their biggest 3 year old fan.

To recap:
Thanks to Little Man for the help on today’s post
Happy Birthday to Little Man
It seems like just yesterday that he was born in some ways
In other ways it seems like non-parenthood was a lifetime ago
I guess it was Little Man’s lifetime ago
For a more heartfelt and less glib tribute to my little boy, go here
I did not write that one, but most of the sentiments still apply (except for the whole job thingy, oh, and I was not the one who bore him into the world)
I just bore him now
Tomorrow I will be posting solo again
For good or for ill