A little bird told me...

Would it be so wrong to have some roughage in sesame chicken or sweet and sour pork? I mean really, there are no vegetables associated with those 2 Chinese dishes. I get a bit tired of just having breaded meat in a wonderful sauce with rice. I need some veggies. Need them, I say. Wifey and I went to our favorite local Chinese place this weekend for lunch on Saturday whilst we were picking up the last bits of presents and gifts for Little Man. My sweet and sour pork lunch special was wonderfully tasty, but pineapples don’t hack it as the non-meat portion of a meal. I think sugar snap peas would work wonderfully with sweet and sour dishes. Whether it be chicken, shrimp, or pork. They have a crispness to them that would be necessary in a rather saucy meal and they also have a sweetness that would compliment the savory-ness of the meat of choice. Sure, one could still have the typical pineapples and carrots, but put something green in there as well. Especially since we know that this is not anywhere near an “authentic” Chinese dish. As for the sesame chicken, throw in some broccoli at the last second, and you have yourself a damn fine meal. Work with me restaurant, work with me.

Okay, On the eve of my little boy’s official 3rd birthday I feel it necessary to spend some time on Little Man:

This weekend whilst on our way to Big Walk (a hike at a local Metropark, Highbanks, where we strap Little Man into our Kelty Journey and walk a 2+ mile trail (3.5+ km) before we set him loose on the playground in the groomed park area) Little Man is in his car seat with his stuffed animal that is appropriately named “Bird.” It is a stuffed animal bird that he talked his Mimma into getting him during one of their many trips to the zoo. Anyway… Little Man is singing along with Weezer when all of the sudden …

Little Man: Screams as if he’s been shot

Me: What’s wrong? I was ready to slam the brakes and get the car headed to Children’s Hospital.

Wifey: Dear God, what’s wrong?

Little Man: Bird hurt his tail.

It seems that Little Man caused bird to wrench his tail a bit and Bird, not Little Man, vocalized the Ow!

Our mistake. “Bird” screamed out a couple more times on the drive and had a couple more accidents during the Big Walk. Bird fall down. Bird hit door. Bird clumsy

There is some fear in the family about Bird and Little Man’s abusive relationship, but Bird is clearly bringing this on. Bird knows what buttons to push and likes to push them. If Bird wanted to leave this relationship, he could. Nothing is stopping the green, red, and blue plush doll from leaving. We think the avian stuffed animal must like to be abused…why else would he stay? What we can’t figure out is why Bird keeps flying into doorknobs when we’re not around – doesn’t he know this gives him a black eye?

To Recap:
Little Man’s unofficial birthday was yesterday
We consider yesterday as Little Man’s Birthday (observed)
I do not often recommend changes to Chinese food, seeing as how I am not Chinese
Nor am I food for that matter
At least, I do not consider myself food, when Wifey and I were on our honeymoon in DC (we were poor and nerdy, both at the same time) a Tiger did seem to want to gnaw on our bones whilst we were at the National Zoo
It was a bit disconcerting
Tomorrow will be 20 Questions Tuesday:2 (as answered by Little Man due to his birthday)
Not sure where he picked up his abuse issues
Wifey did work in the DV movement for a bunch of time
And Little Man did go to work with her for the first 6 months of his life…
Not to mention his time spent with DV professionals whilst in utero
It all makes so much sense now….