I mentioned yesterday that I have a couple of small patches of poison ivy on my forearms. Well, I feel it might be good of me to elaborate further. ( I mean, who doesn’t want to hear about my poison ivy? Anyone? Anyone?) I have two patches of the rash on my left arm and a couple of dots on my right forearm. I think I got them from weeding the area around the air conditioner – yet another completely useless task I have been doing to sell my house.

Anyway… I have had poison ivy before. I have had it bad enough that I needed a super steroid shot to help clear it up. It was bad, bad, bad. This time, things are really bizarre. I did the weeding on Saturday and the rash did not show up until Monday morning. Maybe it was a mutant strain of poison ivy that I was dealing with. One that has a rash dormancy period. Natural selection would do this, right? Any biologists out there that can confirm this? Dermatologists? Anyone?

The really bad thing about getting poison ivy after not having had it for at least 12 years is that you really forget how itchy it is.

To Recap:
The space between the deck and the house looks really well-groomed now
House still hasn’t sold
But my forearms are rather itchy
Meeting with Super Realtor Traci tonight to discuss
Catherine the Great’s first name was really Sofia
While cooking bread in your house is supposed to make it sell better, cooking cabbage doesn’t seem to help
Stupid poison ivy
Not “le stupid poisson ivre”
Different meaning entirely
Ivy-Dry works great, by the way
But I think they should update their photos of the family hiking
Number 1: All of them have external frame packs
Number 2: All of them are wearing cotton
Number 3: Their sleeping bags are huge
This pic is from the late 80’s, I mean look at the kids glasses