20 Questions: 4

Thanks to Lsig, Mimma, B-Dawg, and Wifey for today’s 20 questions.

1. True or False: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
False. “Fear” is technically not something you can fear. The thing causing the fear is fear-worthy, but fear itself is not something to fear. That would be like falling in love with love.

2. How do you account for the incredible "Harry Potter" phenomenon?
Kids were thirsty for updated literary figure. Rowling has done a good job of creating a world in which kids can relate, yet not be a part of. Since the publishing of her first novel, young adult literature has soared. Some of it is complete drek, but there are some author’s who have basically been given a new lease on publishing because of the Potter Phenomenon.

3. In your opinion, what percentage of happiness is based on prosperity?
25% You can still be happy without it, but it takes more effort

4. What upcoming movies, if any, are you looking forward to?
I have watched all the trailers that I can find online, and the only movie that I am really looking forward to is Transformers. I am not looking forward to it in a sense that it will be something incredible, but more from my childhood memories of the cartoon series.

5. If you have to explain a joke, does that automatically mean it isn't funny?
David Letterman’s career is based on explaining unfunny things until they become funny, so… No.

6. If you could relive one year of your life over (no changes), which one would it be and why?
Little Man ages 0 through 1. There is so much of that time that I just cannot remember. It is all a blur. No sleep... midnight feedings... no sleep... change diaper... no sleep...

7. Ducks or Geese?
This is a tougher question than one might think. If I am in the circle I really don’t want to be “Goose” because then I will have to run around until I get the guy who called me “goose” or until I can cause an open spot for me to sit again. Then again, if you are always a duck, you never get to prove your duckiness. Duck, Duck, Goose is such a culturally significant game.

8. Will you or Wifey worry most about Little Man on your upcoming weekend away?
I think I will.

9. If you had your choice of killing a hippo or a yeti, which would it be?
I would kill a Hippo with a Yeti’s freshly torn off arm, 'cause a Yeti without 2 arms is soon to be dead anyway.

10. Do you park in the same spot everyday so that forgetting where you parked can't happen?
Ummm… where are you getting at with this question? Are you implying that I cannot find my care if I park in a different spot.? That would just be plain silly. I could find my car. I could. I would just wait here until 7 in the evening until there were only 5 cars in the lot and choose which one looked most like mine. I gotta plan...

11. Were you involved in the recent study of Columbus about geographic flood levels (or at least cited from your MS)
Nope. I do not believe that anyone has ever cited my thesis, except maybe as an example of how to not conduct research and/or how to come to nothing conclusions using an un-scientific method.

12. Do you think it is time we modernized the US flag? And if so, how would you change it?
Honestly, we have one of the more “modern” flags. It is not simply a tri-color or a tri-color with seal. It is not a simple cross or combination of simple crosses. It is a very unique flag. With how things are going right now, world diplomacy wise, I think the addition of the words America: Fuck YEAH!!” should be embroidered on the 4th white stripe from the top.

13. Do you ever plan to get a pilot's license?
Nope, I hope to hire a private pilot with my soon to be immeasurable wealth.

14. What is the last illegal act you performed?
Going 55 mph (88.51 kph) in a 50 mph (80.47 kph) zone. I live on the wild side!

15. What are you most proud of?
Honestly? The answer is disturbingly schmaltzy, So if you are disgusted by schmalz, skip to question 16. I am extremely proud of my relationship with my wife. We are both committed to our relationship and we are both willing to work at keeping it as strong as possible. My relationship with her is what allows me to try and be a good father. It allows me to believe in myself more. Yep, that is what I am most proud of. Not my grammar, that I am not proud of. I guess I should say that “Grammar is not the thing of which I am most proud.”

16. What is your favorite Monty Python movie?
Whilst they all crack me up, I have to go with my favoritest, Monty Python and the Holy Grail which, oddly enough, is only one year older than me.

17. So Mappy McCartographer, what’s the best map that’s ever been drawn?
I would have to say the map depicting Napoleons troop strength on his march to and from Moscow during the aptly named Napoleonic Wars. The map is by Charles Joseph Minard and is entitled “Carte figurative des pertes successives en hommes de l'armée qu'Annibal conduisit d'Espagne en Italie en traversant les Gaules (selon Polybe). Carte figurative des pertes successives en hommes de l'armée française dans la campagne de Russie, 1812-1813.”

I grabbed a thumbnail from this site, but Blogger is posing some problems for me. I will try to upload the image on Wednesday.

18. I work in a system where you have a working title and an official title. Your official title determines your pay grade and is determined by HR, but your working title can be whatever your boss deems appropriate. What working title would your boss give you?
Funny you should ask. I am actually a Cartographer III, but since no one knows what the heck a Cartographer is, much less one that is a 3rd degree black belt in the fine and deadly art of mapping, my business card has Senior Cartographer/GIS Coordinator printed on them. I have mentioned it before, but I wish they misspelled the cards to say Señor Cartographer/GIS Coordinator.

19. Who are the people in your neighborhood? Where? In your Neighborhood? Where? In your Neighbor-hoo-ood?
Well, there are the people next door who bought a house because the attic over there had knotty pine paneling. They chose knotty pine over a huge deck with a hot tub in it. Then on the other side of us is the guy who sells Johnnie Walker in his full kilt regalia. I could go on, but it just gets more ludicrous from there.

20. The Official SAT Question of the Day™ (for Monday August 7, 2006)
Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
Barbara McClintock’s systematic examination of corn demonstrated the transposition of genes, a finding that overturned entrenched beliefs and proved that ------- study may produce brilliant insights and ------- change.

a) haphazard . . radical
b) inherent . . controversial
c) improvised . . startling
d) methodical . . revolutionary
e) derivative . . gradual
Ummmm… d?

To recap:
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