Papa Day

So, for yesterday’s Papa Day I took Little Man to the Zoo. These are a few of the things that I noticed whilst having the Papa day with my boy.

1. Not too many fathers by themselves with their kids at the zoo on a Tuesday Morning. There are boatloads of Mom’s with kids, and a surprising number of couples with their kids. As far as I could see, though, I was the only Dad at the zoo by myself with my kid. I am not sure what exactly this means, but it is something I noticed. With the lack of un-encumbered males at the zoo on that fine Tuesday morning, I was surprised at how many moms there seemed to be dressed like they were trolling. Looking for a little afternoon love on the sly, are we ladies? But with whom...

2. When Little Man does not know all the lyrics to a song he basically becomes my own little Flavor Flav in a car-seat. Let me explain. So in Public Enemy songs Chuck D is just hurling lyrics and Flav pipes up at the end of every other line with the last word. Flav also is known for starting out the songs with conversational questions being asked to, presumably, Chuck D. This is what Little Man does. For example: Weezer’s “Beverly Hills”

Where is Weezer? When is Weezer coming on?
CD Track starts to play….

Where I come from isn't all that great
My automobile is a piece of crap Crap!
My fashion sense is a little whack

And my friends are just as screwy as me as me!

Then, when it gets to the chorus he rocks the joint.

I am trying to teach Little Man to say “Ya, Ya, Come on now!” or “Check it out!”

3. Manatees are really really fat.

4. 3 year olds are good at stating and re-stating the obvious. Tigers sleep. Look, Tiger’s are asleep. When tigers get up? Tigers no wake up. When tigers wake up? Tigers sleep. Look tigers are asleep. When Tigers get up? Tigers no wake up. When tigers wake up?...

5. Unfortunately, grown ups always want to leave the zoo too soon. It’s enough to kill a little boys’ buzz – and he’ll let you know about it. Loudly. All the way home.

To recap:
It is only a matter of time before the Tigers get fat
They are some lazy lazy cats
The penguins are rather fun loving
Is it odd that the only deodorant in the house that seems to be working for me right now is Wifey’s?
I can’t believe I just put that in the recap
Okay, I am done for the day
Nothing to read here, move along