20 Questions Tuesday: 5

This 20 Questions Tuesday is being brought to you today courtesy of Dr. Clean (‘cause Mr Clean don’t have his PhD, Biotch), I.C. Yellow, Nadolny, and Jude.

1. What is the color of your sky in your world?
Let’s see typically in Columbus, it is dull and gray, but right now it is a beautiful azure

2. Why is 42 the universal answer?
Because 6 • 7 is the universal question

3. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Boabab, I mean who wouldn't want to be a baobab tree?

4. Assuming it takes one second to throw a 1 kg ball. How much force is necessary to throw that ball at 90 meters/second?
Hmmmm… let’s see if Force = Mass • Acceleration and one is bringing the object from a resting state 0 mps to full velocity 90 mps in one second. The acceleration would be 90 meters per second per second or 90m/s². The mass is 1 kg so the equation is 1kg • 90m/s² = 90 Newtons (joules per meter) or 9000000 dynes, 20.2328 pounds force

5. Why are bald guys just so damn sexy?
Ummm… I really am not best equipped to answer this question. (due to your bald lack of sexiness)

6. Do you think it's possible that Barney's parents left him by the side of the road as a child and that's why he's obsessed with singing "I Love You...You Love Me..."
Seeing as how Barney is a purple dinosaur and all, I am sure his parents died a horrible painful burny death when the Mass Extinction Event hit at the end of the Mesozoic. Barney is clearly insane with the loss of his species and much like a tortoise with no aging gene. He is obsessed with singing bad songs to kids, because he is nuts.

7. What possible explanation is there for "Weebles"? Who wants a toy that when you smack it around, it just keeps popping right back up again? Talk about frustration!
Don’t think of it as not staying down so much as letting you smack it again. And they eventually stay down, you just have to use a hammer.

8. If people used more than 5-10% of their brains, what common ability do you think would show up first?
Common Courtesy.

9. What is the oddest nickname for someone at work that that person does not know about?
Hmmmm… There is the Chipmunk on Crack and Dr. Dorkathy, but those are not nearly as odd as Captain Snugglumps. Of course I am not privy to the names people use to refer to me. I am sure those are really good ones.

10. How many times can you use the word "that" consecutively in a sentence and still be grammatically correct?
That is an interesting question that I shall endeavor to answer (just getting warmed up here). Okay here we go:
That “that” that you are referring to is to which that “that” that “that” also refers.
My guess is 4, but my grammar may be off on this one.

11. Is little man excited about the impending pre-school start?
Little Man is ignoring us whenever we mention preschool, and we are not talking about it too often. I think we may not quite be ready to start thinking of Little Man as a school goer.

12. How many times a day do you drop to your knees and thank the greater powers that your wife married you (for me it's at least once a day)?
At least once, usually twice

13. How bad would it suck to still be dating at this point in your life?
Great googly moogly!! I do not even want to think about it

14. Do you think the ivory billed woodpecker, which was recently "rediscovered", really does exist or is it a myth like the yeti and bigfoot?
I do think that particular woodpecker exists, as do the yeti and bigfoot.

15. If it does exist, how much wood could it peck?
Well, seeing as how it has evaded human detection for a goodly amount of time, I would expect that it does not peck all that much wood.

16. What's the most distance you've covered jumping on one foot?
Firstly, I have never measured. Secondly, does being on crutches count? Thirdly, did it always have to be the same one foot. Are we talking collectively or is this a one jump occurance? Fourthly, if it is how far in a single bound, could I run with both feet and just launch myself from just 1? This question is too vague.

17. When is a lot of smoothie too much smoothie?
When during the consumption of said smoothy, one burps up said smoothy

18. Would you consider couples' therapy with the yeti to sort out his nasty habits and your commitment issues?
Since the Yeti and I are not a couple, I would not consider “couples’” therapy with the yeti. I do, however, suggest that he have some therapy, the wacked-out nutter.

19. Do you love a good polka as well as the next man and can you tell me which movie this comes from?
I am not that big on the whole polka scene, and alas, no, I do not know the movie of which you ask.

20. Have you ever actually lay down and done nothing but stare at the ceiling for a prolonged period of time, or is it just a figure of speech to you?
Pretty much a figure of speech. If I lay down for too long now (30 seconds or more), I will fall asleep. As a kid, if I was just laying down and looking at the ceiling, I would be counting bumps on the ceiling or some other such trivial exercise. It really was a sad existence.

To recap:
Thanks for all the questions folks
I have 15 in the bank for next week
T minus 4 days till vacation
Leftovers for dinner tonight
I think I will have some salad
I had to remember high school physics for this set of questions
I have forgotten so much
Like I forgot my lunch today
I will try and steal some pizza from a group meeting
I shall be victorious!