Wha Happen'd

Unlike most kids who seem to question answers to their questions with their 3 year old favorite question of “Why?”

Hypothetical yet Entirely Plausible Example

Time to go to bed
Because you need your sleep for tomorrow.
Because without sleep you will have no energy to do any fun playing tomorrow.
Because sleep re-enrgizes you.
Because your body only has a limited amount of energy.
Sweet Mother of God and All that is Holy, I will kill you if you keep asking “why?”
Because it is absolutely infuriating!
… you are dead and don’t even know it yet…

We in the happy SRH household get “Wha happen’d?” Sometimes the “’d” is silent. That is just how Little Man rolls. Sometimes when he is in a hurry it gets contracted even further ‘til it becomes something like “Wh’happun?” Little Man does not necessarily want to understand how things work, he wants a running play by play with running commentary. He will be playing and one of his myriad of trains will fall of the tracks to the train table surface and Little Man will ask, “Wha happen’d?” Little Man and I will be rolling a ball back and forth giggling like jibbering idiots, the ball will go under the TV cabinet and he will confusedly ask, “Wh’happen?”

What I think Little Man wants is:

For those of you just tuning in from the basketball game, it seems that Thomas the train is really building up a head of steam on Little Man’s outside track on the train table in the SRH Tyson Chicken Tenders Memorial Coliseum and Dining Room.

That’s right, Frank. An interesting note, while Little Man really likes making James the red engine a long train, Thomas is usually reserved for just his 2 typical passenger cars. The outside track on the table is perfect for building up speed.

Well, Pete, it looks as if Thomas is being set aside to get Percy into the action with his tanker cars.
Now that Percy is “out of the way” Thomas has a clear shot over the “Arched Viaduct” and into the turn-table.
Oh,MY! It looks as if Thomas has taken a tumble.

Little Man just got too much of a push on Thomas for the little wooden train to be able to handle the curved track at the top of the incline, and straight over the edge he went. This is a typical occurrence for Little Man’s usually over-zealous running of the trains. 1 out of every 4 circuits around the table ends up with some kinds of de-railing mishap.

That’s right, Pete, but this isn’t going to stop Little Man from playing trains.
Ooh, it looks like the tyrannical 3 year old is heading to the fridge for some “Orange Rice.”

The “Orange Rice” is actually a modified recipe from the Betty Crocker One-Dish Meals Cookbook. It started out as the Beef and Wild Rice Casserole and has been modified to meet Little Man’s allergen requirements…

To recap:
I am sure we will be venturing into the "Valley of 'Why?'" but we have not gotten there yet
T Minus 3 days until the vacation
Wifey and I are not willing to do play-by-play and color commentary
We just aren't
We have other things to do
No really
We have to cook, clean, do laundry
Sometimes kids cannot always get everything they want
I am definitely not going to hire anyone to do play-by-play or color
Get off my back already!
Wha Happen'd?