Off the Market

Friday evening Wifey and I had our house taken off the market. So if you were looking for a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house in the South Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio between the prices of $180 and $190k you ain’t buying ours. You are too late we are off the market. Deal with it. You will just have to choose one of the other 44 houses for sale in that price range. Stupid buyers market!

2 years ago I would not have thought that I would not have been able to sell my house for 2 years in a row. That, sadly, is the case. I am surprised that we were not able to sell. Last year we went into contract rather quickly, but the 3 layers of shingles forced us out. We made that repair this year, getting ready to be on the market, and no bites what so ever. It is amazing how much change a year makes. We are going to re-finance and lower our payments, which will “force” us to stay for a few more years.

The great thing about the house is that it is still a good house. It is still in good condition, even though we have been occupying it for 5 years. The issues that we have with it are the reasons that no one bought it this time around. We would like it to have a real 3rd bedroom instead of the glorified landing for the attic access and a 1st floor half bath would be really nice. Those are really the only 2 drawbacks about the house, and honestly, they are not that terrible of drawbacks.

We are chalking up this experience to learning how to keep the house fairly clean for only minimal amounts of nightly effort (for the record, not “knightly effort” and definitely not a "Kiera Knightly" effort). This is a very good lesson to learn, if we can only keep it in practice. I am inherently lazy, so it really is only a matter of time before I cause these good habits to fall to the wayside.

To recap:
House is off the market
That means it is only a matter of time before it looks like a whirlwind hit the inside of it
I go on vacation with Wifey sans Little Man on Friday
It will be our first real vacation without the wee beastie since we went to London for our 5th anniversary so long ago…
A lifetime ago in fact
Little Man’s lifetime
20 Questions Tuesday coming up tomorrow
Spaghetti happening for dinner