20 Questions Tuesday: 9

It is 20 Questions Tuesday: 9 so I would like to thank Nancy, Wifey, Bomber, and ksig for their questions. Without you guys, this would be a crappy post of lots of question marks and much drooling.

1. Do you wear boxers or briefs?
Oddly enough, I wear Boxer Briefs. I am the exception to the rule. I scoff at the world’s bi-variateness! "Scoff," I say! "SCOFF!!!"

2. Your choice: Creation vs. Evolution?

Hmmmm… trying to get me into some politically hot water are you? Well, I think Creation is an allegorical story about man’s dominance over the world, and how we are supposed to be the stewards of this planet. I think if one truly believes in the Genesis story one must truly become a natural conservationalist and a rabid environmentalist because the whole point of the creation story is to indicate that humanity is the steward of the world. If the story is to be believed, then people are responsible for up-keep of the world. That being said, Evolution is a fairly robust over-arching theory because it is based on the more provable theory of natural selection and adaptation over time. Both of those things in mind, I tend to choose Evolution over Creation just because of the non-stewardship tendencies of most creationists.

3. Favourite Sesame Street character and why?
Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster very recently has started having an adult edge to his humor.

4. Best fictional book you and read, and why?
The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. It is a Sci-Fi book that has actually has changed some of my personal philosophy and faith. Really, it is a stunning book.

5. Who is Suri's real father?
With the pics in Vanity Fair, I honestly have to say that it is Cruise. That poor little girl looks strikingly like Cruise. Now, a better question to ask would be “How was Suri generated.” My guess is a turkey baster.

6. What is your earliest childhood memory?
I was 3 and sliding down a slide in the housing of Gunter Air Station in Montgomery, Alabama when this little jackass bit my nose because I slid down the slide while he was trying to climb up it. Keep in mind, these are 1970’s technology slides: incredible pitch, made form polished steel, and slippery as hell. No 3-year old has any business trying to climb a 60°, super slick slide when there is a line of kids waiting on his pathetic ass... not that I'm bitter or anything

7. Are you a glass is half full or empty kind of guy?
I am a .5 glass kind of guy. Half is half. It is both half empty and half full, at the same time.

8. Do you prefer fact or fiction?
In court: Fact
In books: Fiction

9. Who has a bigger penis? Superman or Spiderman?
Interesting question. While I am not really privy to the comparative anatomy of Superman and Spiderman, I do know that Superman is more of a dick. Methinks he is over-compensating. Therefore I say Spiderman. Plus his alter-ego is “Peter” Parker. Come on…

10. Do you have any phobias? Please share

11. Last thing you did only because your wife wanted you to?
Slept in this morning to help with Getting Little Man ready for his first day at pre-school. Okay, I wanted to stay as well.

12. Do you like any dessert with nuts or is wifey destined to disappoint you with her baked good for the rest of your married life?
Her family has a recipe for this insanely good pudding desert that has both walnuts and pecans in it. It is made from pudding, cream cheese and whipped cream. De. Ca. Dent.

13. In grade school, homemade Halloween costumes or the plastic Ben Cooper kind from the drugstore with the suffocating plastic mask and the rubber snappy string to hold it on?
Oh, my family was a family of hybridization. See question 1. Mom would have us pick out a “costume” (Why would R2D2 hear a plastic shirt with a picture of himself on it?) and make a costume that was completed by the store bought mask.

14. If you were a superhero, what would your name be? Actually, give me your 'everyman' name and hero name - Clark Kent to Superman...
Hmmmm…. Trevor Whistledown is the Golden Parakeet! His powers? Well… they are secret.

15. What was your most embarrassing hairstyle? PLEASE tell me you had the Flock of Seagulls 'do in high school...PLEASE!
I had a proto-mullet in 7th grade. Oh, God! Kill me now! It never really achieved mullet status due to the amount of curl

16. Grits or oatmeal?
Between the two? Oatmeal and hating every second of it. I am much more of a cold cereal kind of guy

17. Which fast food chain makes the best and the worst French fries, and why? I know that it is second nature to you right now, but do not let food allergies play into this question. This is about your preference.
Best fries are McDonald’s. They have the best flavor and are even pretty good when they are no longer piping hot. Although, if you can get Wendy’s fries directly out of the fryer and into your mouth they are to die for. Still consistently McDonald’s are the best. Worst are cold Ralley’s fries (and they do not come any other way).

18. Can you please explain the difference between the cover 2 defense and the cover 3. which do you prefer and why?
Cover 2 you only have 2 in deep cover. The field is broken down into 5 underneath zones and 2 deep zones. This is prone to “giving up the big play” since there are only 2 cover backs. The “big play” is typically found in the seam in the middle of the 2 deep backs coverage, or by a safety tripping.

Cover 3 is similarly named because it employs 3 in deep cover. This coverage is typically used on obvious passing downs due to its better coverage of the deep threat, but it leaves openings for shorter plays.

I think the Cover 2 is the more useful of the coverage schemes because it offers more protection on running plays, but, if an offense’s precision is high enough, it can become a liability.

I am sure there are nuances that I am missing, but I think I covered the basics.

19. Is cheesecake the nectar of the gods or is it the work of the devil?
Yes… and yes

20. How big of a TV is too big? I have recently bought a plasma HDTV for our new house but have yet to tell the wife exactly how big it is.
Well, I am a big believer that a TV needs to fit the room that it is in. Oftentimes people just get the most ginormous they can afford and damn the consequences, but TV’s should fit the room they are to be viewed in. For some rooms, even a 32 inch HD is going to be on the big to too big side, then again, some people have finished basements that could work with a 62 incher. It depends on the room.

To Recap:
Little Man had pre-school day one today
It went well
Wifey and I are worried about his allergies in that un-controlled environment
Normal post tomorrow
Next weeks 20 Questions Tuesday is going to be all about 80’s TV
Wha’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?
I just dated myself with that reference, didn’t I?
I have a nasty headache right now
I think it is due to lack of sleep and crappy weather