I HATE car repairs

So I had to take my car into the shop today. Now I am not terribly mechanically inclined, but when the rear tire areas (driver and passenger sides) make a nasty grinding noise as I decelerate and start moving from a stop, that is not a good thing. As a car owner, I have had bad brakes before, and I am fairly certain that this issue is not a brake issue either. This is bad, bad, bad. I am glad that I am getting it taken care of, but I am afraid that this is going to be a fairly pricy repair coupled with my 40K mile servicing. I am not looking forward to this bill. Luckily, we have enough built up in our savings account to deal with this. This is why we have the savings account, but it is always painful to dip into savings for any reason. Wifey and I would probably just have wasted the money anyway on something non-useful like a trip back to Europe or a vacation or something else non-worthwhile.

Car repairs are a bit infuriating and intimidating for those of us who did not grow up elbows deep in the hood of a car. I know enough about cars to understand the basics of the internal combustion engine, but not enough to speak intelligently about what exactly a brake caliper does, but I know that they exist and that has to count for something. Now, this post is not intended to have any comments on what calipers do. I can look that up if I wish, the point is, for those of us not mechanically trained or inclined, we typically (yes, I am speaking for all of us) feel at the mercy of the mechanic to treat us equitably and fairly.

I am feeling rather car repair vulnerable today, because I know that I am being slung over a barrel, so to speak. That, and we are currently still dealing with the dealership’s service center. While crap is still under warrantee, we feel that we should use their services, but this is the last time we go there. I know, I know the dealership mechanics always cost more. I am well aware of that, and in a few months, the warrantee will go away and so will my patronage of their service center.

Currently, I am still waiting for information as to what the issue is and how much the issue will cost. My gut feeling is that it is not the brakes. My gut also feels like it is going to cost me an arm and a leg to fix.

To recap:
I hate car woes
Little Man did great yesterday
Wifey has a cute pic of him in his rain jacket on the way to pre-school
I just got a call from the Service Center
It was the brakes
They went from fine and noiseless to making grinding noises without any transition
I am not sure they actually fixed the issue
We will see when I pick the car up
I hate car stuff
Hate it with a passion that rivals the heat of 1000 stars
Hopefully you will have a post about how wonderfully the car is working tomorrow
I hate car repairs!