That Bothers Me

Okay, the writing for work is done and over with (redundant and repetitive), so now I should be able to focus on the important writing at hand: a blog post.

So this post should be pretty wiz-bang, but alas and alack, it is not. In fact, most people reading today’s post will leave wanting. I would say that bothers me, but then I would be talking to myself about my blog in my cube at work to no one in particular... again. I would rather not look even crazier at work… again. I think I have un-hinged and crazy kind of in the bag, but random comments like “That bothers me” might put the co-workers of over the edge. Sure my e-mail conversations with cryptozoologicals and unbridled hate of hippos hasn’t pushed them over the edge…yet, but saying out loud to no one in particular “That bothers me” would ice that cake. Although, now that I think about it, “That bothers me” is the cubical equivalent of “Well, crap.” So there is always the possibility that that phrase really wouldn’t cause a coworker to bat an eye. (Why is “batting an eye” okay, but if you are caught “eying a bat” you are some sort of perverted deviant? Oh, wait, I get it now. Never mind.) I am sure if I actually said “that bothers me” the most I will get from someone sitting near me is a “what bothers you?” I would then most likely respond with something non-committal like “This thing going on with my computer.” Then the person would ask, “Oh really? What’s going on with your computer?” and I would have to reply with “Just some weird stuff… Oh, it fixed itself, never mind.” Because that is a plausible answer, but they would still be thinking to themselves, “What an odd duck.” and I would probably say out loud, "Screw you, I am not an 'odd duck!'" Well, let me tell you I don’t want to be THAT guy!

So whatever I do today, it will not be saying to no one in particular “That bothers me.” That would be plain silly, and start many a conversation with people that I really do not want to have.

To recap:
I am tired
20 Questions Tuesday: 9 tomorrow
Tired is not a good way to start out the week
That happens though
Weekly, at least for me
I haven’t had a good hippo post recently
Or a good Yeti one either.
I will have to work on that
The Yeti could help out a bit though...
I leave you with a pic of the boy
He has a hard time letting us take pictures of him
He always wants to see the screen on the other side of the camera
He thinks it will have a train movie on it
He thinks everything with a screen shows train movies