I got nothing today, so straight to the recap.

To recap:
Nope, nothing to post today
I will attempt to stretch out the recap to make this interesting
All the sudden it feels like the office is rather warm
It is raining right now
I need new pics of Little Man on my cube wall
"Start, horny cat!" is an anagram for my name
I want to take a nap
Made Faux French Toast for dinner last night
The secret is in the Soy Sour Cream!
That’s right fake sour cream helps to make fake French toast
Mrs. Butterworth’s Lite syrup has not a bit of butter in it
Why do marketeers force words like “Lite” on us?
Little Man doesn’t really like bacon so much
I had 8.5 strips of bacon yesterday evening
I love me some bacon
Little Man does like sausage though
This weekend he ate 6 links in one sitting
4 of the 6 were going to be his mama’s
She likes sausage too
She ate 14 links in one sitting as well
She wasn’t really paying attention to how many she was eating
Her mom had 5, I had 5, and the 24 pack of sausage was gone
She didn’t feel so good that night
Needless to say she monitors her sausage intake better now
I also ate a full dozen Krsipey Kreme glazed doughnuts one time
I was just eating them without thinking and all of the sudden, my belly was rather full and there were only 2 left in the box
At that point it became a challenge
I didn’t feel so hot all the next day
Trying to find a good dairy free, egg-free recipe for cut out cookies
Must be soft, airy, and delicious
So far we have found hard, crunchy, and tasteless
Tomorrow is that day that my house goes completely digital
Time Warner people will be over to hook up our digital phones and give us a nice new DVR for our digital cable
That King Arthur special on History International?
That episode of Heroes that I missed because I spent an extra 30 minutes on the elliptical? Recorded
The Facts of Life Reunion show on Lifetime (don’t ask)?
Oh, my active life has ended.
Wifey, you brought this upon yourself….
Have a great weekend everyone