Maybe I shouldn't be exercising

I think a higher power might be trying to tell me something. I started a new exercise regime 2 weeks ago. The idea was that on Monday and Wednesday nights I would go to the gym and get some cardio in followed by some resistance training. On Tuesday and Thursday nights Wifey was going to go to her yoga classes and get her exercise in as well. We would both be getting healthier and all we would be giving up would be our evening meals together (when we realized this we started coming up with alternatives, but they are still being worked out so for the time being this is the schedule).

So in the past 2 weeks I have been to the gym 3 times (I did not go on Monday due to family illnesses). 2 of those 3 times while I was on the elliptical machine (I have a bad knee and a worse knee) the Emergency Broadcast System has issued a tornado warning for Franklin County. A “warning” not a “watch!” Warnings mean that there is rotation in the clouds or someone has actually seen a funnel of some form. Basically, a warning means that there is a tornado. The thing might not have touched down, but it is there. So 2 of the 3 times I have gone to work out, the weather has turned tornadic. What the heck is that about?

I really think some higher power is trying to tell me not to work out. I can listen to a higher power. That is something on which I can get “on message.” If there is severe weather this upcoming Wednesday I think my exercising regime might be overhauled to eating pretzels while watching Oprah or something. What do the higher powers have against me exercising anyway? So far all it has done is made me sore. Really sore. Painfully sore, even. Maybe the powers that be don’t want to see me in pain. Personally I think they want to do away with me via a localized anti-cyclonic meteorological event. They aren’t out there trying to protect my sense of non-achiness.

To recap:
Exercising sucks
Tornados suck
No really
They suck
I mean it
Their destructive power is brought about through massive amounts of sucking
My shoulders are killing me
Left-overs for dinner tonight
Tornadic is really a word despite what MS Word’s dictionary might say
I need some sleep
Have a great weekend