Barely coherent crap

So, I had half a day off today with Little Man. The caregivers had some family issues crop up today that necessitated them traveling today. He has traveled with them before, and it has gone just fine. That being said, since he is still a bit under the weather, it was not a good idea for him to be stuck in a car for 3 or so hours.

So this morning was spent doing one of his favorite activities, “Play bed.” Play bed is wqhere I go lie on the bed while he jumps around me and on me. It causes much giggling from him and groaning from me. He typically wants us to have the TV on something Playhouse Disney-ish, whilst jumping on me with wild abandon. By “wild abandon” I mean “both knees to the gut or back pending on how I am laying on the bed.” A fun time is had by all. That being said, he did allow me to doze off and on during The Koala Brothers. Thanks Little Man!

So anyway… the Happy SRH Household is still on the mend. Little Man’s fever is down a bit, but his congestion is up and his breathing is more ragged. The phrase “congestion is up” does not really do justice to the amount of mucus he is ejecting. We are currently set at Asthma DEFCON 2. Every 3 to 4 hours we make him partake of a breathing treatment, or “20 minutes of boredom,” as he has come to know these treatments. We try to make the 20 minutes go faster by using YouTube. If one is concerned about what is “funny,” one should merely watch the 1 minute 38 second video that you can choose by searching for “cats” on YouTube. It is typically the second choice in the list of choices. “Funny” = “cats falling off of things” according to my 3 year old. “Funny” = “Watching a 3 year old almost fall out of a chair giggling” if you ask the aforementioned 3 year old’s parents.

Wifey is feeling better. Last night her body remembered that she hadn’t eaten anything substantive in 2.5 days. She them promptly ate too much for her unsettled stomach to handle without making her feel awful for the following 2+ hours. In other words, she ate more than an apple sauce serving. I know, “What was SHE thinking?!?!?”

Today, she is spending the afternoon with Little Man. We both tend to fight for who spends the afternoon with the boy. Not only have all of his daily meds been administered and he is dressed and lunch is typically over, but there is also the possibility of a nap. A glorious pause in the middle of the day. A wonderful respite e from annoying consciousness. The way to make all week days better. I am certain they will both have a wonderful afternoon.

To recap:
The “Little Wiggles” absolutely suck! I mean, what the Hell! Can’t they find 5 kids in the whole of Australia who can do that crappy schtick? Sweet Mother of God!
Little Man sounds like he is a career smoker
All gravely and Bea Arthur-ish
Also, it seems he was not able to nap this afternoon
Man I need to do some laundry
Not sure what is for dinner tonight
The schedule is all out of whack!