So today, Wifey and I had our first ever parent/teacher conference. This was a scheduled conference, so for all of you out there thinking that Little Man was biting and/or kicking, therefore causing a punitive parent/teacher conference to be called about his inappropriate escalating behavior, you should be duly disappointed.

The crux of the conference rested on Little Man’s lack of verbal interaction and his inability to be still for sustained periods of time. He is the class’s wiggliest of wiggle worms. Instead of talking and playing with the other kids, it seems that Little Man’s “Big, Fat, Kitty” persona seems to come through. He “meows” more than he “talks.” Wait, why did I put “talks” in quotes there? Okay let’s try this again. He “meows” more than he talks. Does “meows” need quotes? Now I am all confused.

Long story short, Little Man enjoys pre-school, is getting better at sharing, has trouble staying still during group story time, meows more than he talks, and seems to be getting along just fine with his class.

Onto the parental ramifications associated with his first parent/teacher conference.

How did I get this old? I have a kid who has had a parent/teacher conference. When the Hell did my baby become a pre-schooler and how did he get old enough to have a parent/teacher conference? And he is having trouble sharing? My baby boy is perfect, what is with all this “getting better at sharing” crap? Clearly the other children are not waiting for him to finish playing with whatever it is he is playing with. The only reason they don’t see he shining verbal skills is their lack of train themed conversations. And if they let him pick the stories they would have no issues with him wiggling around too much, he would be enrapt with the train story they were telling.

To recap:
I am ooooooold
But not so old as to have hip problems
I was surprised that I did not get any pro-Halloween comments after yesterday’s post
When did my baby become a little boy?
Honestly, he is doing really well in the pre-school
For not really being socialized until this fall, he is doing well
Since pre-school started we have noticed his verbal communication skills growing by leaps and bounds
But he is still a quiet kid
I am finally feeling good enough to try exercising again
So Saturday morning, I have a date with an elliptical machine
Lucky me
I think I did better at the parent/teacher thingy than Wifey
Little Man and I have a Papa day tomorrow
I have needed a Papa day for a while now
I am looking forward to the Papa Day naptime
The best time of the day
Have a great weekend