I Said, "No TV."

I really did not want to get out of bed this morning. This weekend was a whirlwind affair of activities. On Saturday, Wifey and I had to run errands and do some shopping in the morning/early afternoon, but prior to all the errands we went to The Kitchen Lounge north of OSU Campus on High Street. All you Columbus-ites, Columbusians, Columbusters who live in the Clintonville/Campus area, check it out (I am looking at you JW, and B and K). The hash-browns were more homefries-ish than hash-browny (which is usually a negative), but they were incredible. Wifey and I went there for breakfast and, well, it was quite tasty and surprisingly cheap. Now, we just need to go there for lunch and dinner.

After the eating, we did some errand running post mealtime and then, Saturday afternoon or early evening (DAMN YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!), I moved the computer table around in the office. Now, I have not really moved this particular computer around for about 3 years. In those 3 years, it has collected quite the dust menagerie. Well, to make a medium sized story rather short (because I am lazy), I had the absolute worst allergic reaction I have had in a very long time. My eyes got all puffy and itchy and I stuffed up pretty fast. I decided to partake of some of the liquid Benadryl that we give Little Man, so I could ease up the symptoms associated with my reaction.

Sweet Mother of God and all that is Holy! That stuff sucks, and I had to choke down 4 tsps of the crap. I can soooo understand why Little Man is so vehemently opposed to ingesting that glop. It did make me feel better though.

On another front, the Papa/Little Man day was marred by his being sick. Unfortunately he was not sick enough to just want to laze about on the couch flopping all over Papa. He was just sick/well enough to be really whiny and demanding. On second thought, maybe he wasn’t sick at all, maybe he was 3. I will have to ponder on that as the day goes on. He seems to be over the hump as far as sickness goes. Now he just seems stuffed up a little and kind of hoarse. Basically he sounds like Bea Arthur. Which is pretty funny when you think about it.

It is funny unless your little one, your darling joy, your light from Heaven, the child you adore says “I SAID, 'NO TV!'” Whaaat? He didn’t just???… did he just?? Whoa! He just yelled at me not to turn MY TV, just because he wants to watch train videos on YouTube. Oh, this is a problem. I thought, hey, I will just show him and turn on the EPL game on Fox Soccer Channel. Oh, wait, I couldn’t! It turns out that I was limited to watching the Disney Channel or Nick JR because the brand spanking new DVR was recording both The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Wonderpets. It seesm the TV/Cable box can only do soooo much at the same time. So we showed Little Man, we made him watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse against his, Wifey's and my wills! Ha! That’ll learn him real good!

To Recap:
Looks like we are making faux pizza for dinner tonight
My cold migrated from my chest to my head
Luckily I can medicate around this pretty well
Second day of swim lessons today for Little Man
Not as successful as last time
Going to the grocery store to buy lunch today
And more medicine
Little Man gets the hairs cut today
20 Questions Tuesday will be all about Wifey
Oh, GOD! 20 Questions Tuesday will be all about Wifey
She is going to kick my pale blue ass