Meeting Hell

I will be in a meeting today from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Envy me. No really. Yep 6.5 hours of Meeting Hell. Lunch will be provided, but it will be crappy. Cold sandwich, stale chips, flat coke.

By noon I will be clawing my eyeballs out with boredom.

Why won’t anyone envy me? Oh, I think it might be the lovely picture I have painted. Nevermind.

To Recap:
6.5 hours of meeting = 390 minutes of boredom
I would doodle and draw during the meeting but company bigwigs are going to be there
Little Man has had 2 days of not having any bladder accidents
I hope today makes 3
Sloppy Joes for dinner
With crispy crowns and corn
There will be much rejoicing by Little Man
Wifey added comments to yesterday’s post
Read’em if you haven’t already
Wish me luck in the meetings
I will need it