On speechies and carbon

Little Man got his speech and hearing evaluated on Tuesday. I didn’t mention it on Tuesday because, well, I forgot. So far at each well visit check up that he has had with El Doctoré, Little Man tended to just barely meet the speech requirements associated with his age. For example, at his 3 year check up, at the last second he pulled out of nowhere that he was a “little boy” whose age was “treeeeeeeee.” Well, played Little Man. Well played, indeed. Anyway, he had his speech and hearing evaluation done at his preschool today. To make a lengthy post only medium sized, he failed the speech portion.

Okay, here is where the ranting and waving of arms commences. One of the criteria determining his failure was, and I attempt to quote without a copy in front of me, “Does not listen and has difficulty following directions.” Ummm… I don’t want to remotely negate any of your evaluation, but I think you may have stumbled onto one of my darling little boy’s overdeveloped personality traits more than a speech deficiency. The boy listens when he wants to and soaks up information like a sponge. He won’t say anything that he gleaned from listening until he finds it to be most in-opportune. Not to mention the fact that he is 3! He is an obstinate little cuss, and I imagine that the speechies were keeping him from playing with the train table. So, one other thing about the eval. If one is going to fail a child on a developmental diagnostic test, one should make sure that one writes clearly and legibly, oh, and make sure that the carbon copy you give the parents actually transferred. Half explanations and indecipherable scribblings do not help a parent understand what is going on.

On the good side, they said that his pronunciation was good and that his cadence was okay as well.

To Recap:
Little Man is an obstinate little cuss
I have a meeting to get to in 15 minutes
I slept for crap last night
I am sure it will make me nice and cheery for the meeting
Not sure what is going to be for dinner tonight
If Little Man had an accident free day, it might include root beer
If they had talked to him about trains, I doubt he would have shut up
Have a great weekend