He sang, He clapped, He dug

Yesterday I lost most of a day’s work due to files spontaneously corrupting for no good reason. Stupid files! So I had to come into work stupid early to finish what I lost yesterday. “Why did you have to come in early?” you ask. Well, good reader, Little Man’s Christmas Program at his pre-school was today, but I still needed to get the work that I should have finished yesterday done. So early is when I needed to be here. I got it done before 8:30 this morning when I had to leave for Little Man’s La Fête du Noël. So at least I have that going for me.

Anyway, the program was really nice. They sang 2 songs, had a story, sang 2 songs, had a story, and finished up with 2 more songs. Little Man sang some of the songs, but really enjoyed the clapping when songs were finished. More on clapping later.

After the program, the classes adjourned to their respective classrooms for cookies and juice. Whilst partaking of cookies and juice, Santa showed up sans reindeer to hand out gifts to each of the kids.

It was a pretty good Santa. He was really gentle with the kids, and was in a pretty good costume, and the mustache seemed like it could have almost been real. When it was Little Man’s turn on the Jolly Old Elf’s lap, he excitedly explained to Old Saint Nick how he was going to deliver “Train Track! And Diesel Engines” Little Man almost started to rattle off the various type of diesel engines he needed Père Noël to deliver, but lost interest when he was handed his gift from the good Mr. Kringle.

After that we all (Wifey, me, Mimma, Grandma D, and Grandpa R) had to go our separate ways. Little Man, Grandma D and Grandpa R went to their house for the rest of the day, Mim went back to work, and Wifey and I went to Bob Evans for a nice leisurely brunch. I had an omelet. That was the morning of the Christmas Program.

Now to the highlight of the entire show. Wifey and I wish there were more clapping and hand movements associated with Christmas Program 06 because Little Man has a penchant for picking his nose. He has the “nasal itch,” if you will. After the first 2 songs and the story he pretty much got bored, and when the little one is bored, he is digging for gold. Sinus grooming is a baseline activity for the boy. No matter how much we try to remove his digits from his rhinal passages, they inevitably end up probing his proboscis.

We are soo proud. He really was just digging with wild abandon.

To Recap:
Yeah, I think I might have gotten carried away with synonyms for this post
Oh, well
The nose picking isn’t so bad…
I just wish he didn’t wipe his hands on the pulpit
Ummm.. Probably should not have mentioned that
When we get the Christmas Cards out I will post the pic here
Cracks me up everytime I see it
I am feeling fat and lazy
I have got to get back to the gym
Overheard from another parent at the Christmas Program: How did he get it untucked in 30 seconds.
Ummm... he did have a whole 30 seconds
Have a great weekend