Year End

What does one* write when one* is posting their last post for the year? Does one* do a yearly retrospective? Does one* look forward to the New Year? Does one* forgo a post all together and go straight to a recap? Does one* wax eloquent about the fickleness of the human concept of time and humanity’s primordial need to demark time into quantized measurable units? What exactly does one* do with the final post of a year?

I think one* should just get this post started already.

To completely disregard the entire end of year scenario, one*… er… I have decided that I shall buck all the trends for end of year posts and post about end of year posts. I will be illustrating Russell’s paradox. Via this post in a round about sort of way. You know, the whole scenario. The barber of a village (let’s call the village Seville) shaves every man who does not shave himself thing. Who shaves the baber?

Hey You! Welcome to my shop,
Let me cut your mop,
Let me shave your crop…. Daintily… daintily….

Hey You!
Why must you be vexed
Don’t look so perplexed,
Can’t you see you’re next.
Yes, you’re next!
You’re so next.

How about a nice close shave
Teach you whiskers to behave
Lots of lather
Lots of soap
Please hold still
Don’t be a dope
There is no use misbehaving
Can’t you see you need a SHAVE!

Umm, where was I? I could go on, but I won’t, although the cartoon is playing in my mind right now. I would like to think it is bragging, but the above quotes are from memory. Eat THAT! Oh yes, now to my post about posting. Looks like a Bunny shaves the barber in this instance...

Screw the post! I shall continue to quote from the book of Looney Tunes.

There, you’re nice and clean,
Athough you face looks like it
Might. Have. Gone. Through. A. ma-chine.

Ooooh, where do I get that Rabbit?
Oh, what do you want with that Rabbit?
Can’t you see that I’m much sweeter?
I’m your little Senorit-er.
You are just my type of guy,
Let me loosen your tie,
And I shall dance for you…

The opera devolves into a chase scene at this point.

To Recap:
It is going to be hard to remember to date things with 2007 next week
I will post something short and snarky on Monday
It will probably more about its shortness than its snarkishness
I love me some Rabbit of Seville
No really, all from memory
I have not even checked it with so there could be some errors
That’s all folks!
Happy 2006
Have a great and safe weekend everybody

* - “One” being defined as “SRH” in these instances