The New Year

Okay, here we go. A New Year’s Day post.

I hope everyone had happy and healthy New Year’s Eve celebration. We had a great time with good friends. I think it could only have been better if I did not have an annoying headache due to the climatic conditions. Note: I did not type “climactic conditions” because, well we weren’t in a movie of any sort (that we knew of) last night, and, honestly, if we were, it would have been a crappy movie. No protagonist, no antagonist, no conflict, no resolution. Crappy movie, if you ask me. Where was I? Oh yes, the climatic conditions here are miserable. It needs to be significantly colder so the humidity will go away. This weather just kills my weak weak sinuses.

Anyway… had I not had a headache for most the night, it would have been a much mor enjoyable evening for me. That would have helped. Oh, well, other than my aching head, it was a good time. T and E, the hosts, were great hosts.

Well, that is all I got right now.

To recap:
Happy New Year to all, even the people I do not like
You know who you are
Then again, maybe you don’t?
Mysterious…. I am mysterious
No really, I am quite mysterious
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about the New Year
Regular posting to resume tomorrow