I learned something valuable last night about Little Man.

Let me set the stage. It is around 6:25 PM and Little Man has just gotten his first plate of orange rice. He is happy as a clam and just scarfing the rice based casserole down. He is nearly finished with his plate when he abruptly just stops eating. This is quite unlike him. When orange rice is around, the Little Man transforms from his usual happy go-lucky self into a ravenous eating machine. A machine with no soul and only one reason for existing: the mass consumption of orange rice. He basically becomes the equivalent of one of the zombies from the B-movie zombie flicks that have an itch that only the brains of the living can scratch. Replace brains of the living with orange rice, and you have what Little Man becomes when there is Orange rice around. Anyway, he just stopped eating the orange rice, and I couldn’t figure out why until ‘hic’ he hiccoughed.

What’s the matter, big guy? I inquire.
I got ‘hic’ the hiccups. He sullenly replies
Oh, you got the hiccumupups? I ask empathetically
Yea, I got the hic ’hic’ cups. He responds
You don’t want the hiccups do you? I question.
No, I Don’t want hiccups. ‘hic’ He morosely continues


Little Man jumped about 3 feet (close to his height) and looked at me with a big fat smile on his face.

NO! Papa! Don’t Do That! ‘hic’

What I learned: Little Man’s hiccoughs don’t go away when he gets startled.

To recap:
They went away when he drank something
It was rum
I kid, I kid, it was just whiskey
Would you believe a beer?
Just root-beer?
It was Berry Juicy Juice in a glass through a light green wacky straw
No really
Looks like Wifey might be going to Belgium for a conference
I don’t get to go to Belgium for conferences
Last conference I went to was in Columbus
And, I live in Columbus
Happy B-Day ACW