Ailing Wednesday

I am at home with the sick Little Man today. Nothing is majorly wrong this time. This one seems like it is a pretty typical illness. Other than being really head congested and mildly fevered (really mild), Little Man seems to be his normal rambunctious self. He is making messes and running around. Of course, instead of it being a continuous blur of motion this seems to be more in fits and starts. He runs around for a few minutes and then has to take a break… you know, like a normal human.

I just wish I had more PTO (Paid Time Off for those of you with less acronymy bnefits packages) in my bank so that taking a day with him didn’t cut my PTO by 10%. That is an expensive day off. I had been working for a day off this week, but it was supposed to be Friday. Now my PTO bank is all shot to Hell. Oh well. Thems the break when you have a little one in the house. Wifey will be taking the day off tomorrow if the little one is still ailing, while I go in and get caught up with work as best I can.

Not much else to talk about really. In fact, if I don’t get off the computer soon, Little Man is going to force me into watching trains on YouTube whether he is having a breathy or not.


To recap:
Man I need some caffeine
We don’t have any in the house
If Little Man is up to it, we might get some furnace filters today
And some sort of caffeinated soft drink
So far this has not triggered any asthma stuff
But it is only a matter of time
How’s that for a happy outlook on life
Actually, we are surprised that it has not progressed as of yet
Turns out Little Man likes a vegan lasagna
We doctored up the vegan lasagna with some pork sausage
He can have anything vegan, we typically add meat though
Because, at our core, Casa De SRH is a house of carnivores
Great, now I’m hungry
Why am I still typing?
Oh, yeah, so I don’t have to play trains with a sick, cranky, willful kid