pitiful... just pitiful

I woke up this morning to a flash of lightning and a peel of thunder. Is it s “peel” of thunder? Hang on a sec… Nope it is “peal.” My bad… Anyway, it seems that spring is attempting to make a play here in Ohio. Sure we still have some mounds of ice from the last winter storm, but it is gray and rainy again, the hallmark of a central Ohio spring. Oddly, it is also the hallmark of a central Ohio fall. Go figure. It is surprising that central Ohio is not known for being more marshy. On a side note, Word wants me to replace “more marshy” with “marshier, “ but you know what? Word ain’t the boss of me! Word! YoYo. I am street like that. No really.

Anyway… I got nothing. One would think that I could muddle through 4 topics a week. Sweet Jebus! I actually only need to come up with three cogent topics since I instituted 20 Questions Tuesdays 31 weeks ago. Is my life that boring? I can only come up with 3 topics. Oh, Good Lord! Yesterday’s topic was just about Little Man ailing. So in actuality, I am only able to come up with 2 topics a week. Heck, this post was just going to be a stream of consciousness post, but I couldn't even do that. Sheesh, that is just pitiful.

To recap:
This is the fourth post I have started today
Sadly, it is the best one
That is why I kept it
I hope DC United and the Houston Dynamo win tonight
That would be great for MLS
Have a great weekend everyone
Maybe next week I will have some topics
Anyone think of any topics?