Comprimised part 2: the revenge

Update: 2:00pm

After the visit to El Doctore, we are now on a anti-biotic as well as an oral steroid. Even though Little Man is coughing a ton at the moment, it seems that there is still some really good air exchange going on in his little lungs. So at least we got that going for us.

Since the cough does not seem to respond to breathing treatments he has given us another course of action. We are attempting to treat the symptoms. Little Man seems to like hot lemonade with some honey in it. He doesn't know about the honey, so everyone, shut yer flappin' yaps.

To recap:
He is blissfully unaware of the honey he is consuming
So far he has not minded the anti-biotic
At least not nearly as much as he minded the Orapred
Today is Wifey and my anniversary of getting engaged
11 years ago I asked her to marry me and she accepted
I definitely won out on that one
I am going to go se if he wants some more warm lemonade
With honey