2 things

Firstly, Little Man’s breathing is better. It is not where we want it to be, but it is better. Thanks to all the positive thoughts sent our way.

Secondly, Honestly, I don’t have a “Secondly.” I am pretty drained from the roller coaster event from yesterday. Breathing issues are difficult to deal with, because, well, by our definition life requires respiration of some form. So I leave you with this image instead of some inane ramblings on my part.

Someone once asked me what animal was the scariest. Well, I will tell you again, and this time I will back it up with a terrifying image.

I am afraid of Vampire Bears

To recap:
Each time I look at the post, I cringe
In fear and in shame
Both about equal
I need some sleep
Who isn’t afraid of Vampire Bears?
I mean really?
Some people are afraid of vampires
Some are afeared of bears
Me? I like to consider myself the more sane of those 2 groups for I am afraid of the combination
It is like a fear combo
You know where fries and a drink cost less
But I am not afraid of this Vampire Bear
That would be just plain silly
Honestly, I didn't watch any of the videos because they are blocked where I am

I could be incredibly frightened of that Vampire Bear and just not know it

I find it disturbing that someone blogs/vlogs by the name "Vampire Bear"
I really am just rambling now, aren’t I?
Have a great weekend