I have a problem. It is an egregious problem. A problem that left unchecked could lead me and my family to financial ruin. I am not afraid to admit this problem in a public forum. There are no support groups for this problem. I am out on my own with this one, and the only person who can save me from myself is myself. It is a horrible cross to bear! So I will make my statement here for all to see. But I must confess… Here it goes.

(This is kind of like taxi cab confessions without the bad camera angles and, well, interesting confessions.)

I like eating lunch out.

There I said it! I am a lunch-out-a-holic, and I am all out of lunch-out-a-hol! It is out in the open now. Maybe that can start me down the road to healing. Acceptance is the first step right?

It really is a problem. I am going out to lunch about 9 times a week. I know some of you out there are trying to figure out the mental gymnastics associated with eating more lunch than there are lunches to be had, but stop your rationality and come with me here. Anyway… here is the deal. I love me some lunch out. Absolutely love it. There are a couple of good reasons for this as well as a couple really crappy ones.

The Good Reasons:
1. Gets me out of the office. I need to vacate the premises to reconnect with the “I’m not at work” me. It is a physical and mental necessity… plain and simple

2. Promotes coworker bonding. I do not have many opportunities to really bond with co-workers in a non-project oriented manner. It allows me to get to know these people around me on a more personal level since I am not willing to meet with these kooks outside of office hours.

The Bad Reasons:
1. It is a stupid expensive habit. $5 here and $6.40 there adds up after a while. With 9 lunches a week at an average of $6.00 a whack we are looking down the barrel of a $2,808 annual habit.

2. The food is crappy and bad for you. Sweet Sliding Barn Doors! McDonald’s is starting to print the “nutritional” information for their products on their re-vamped packaging. Let’s just say that I was disturbed. Disturbed greatly. I don’t eat at the Golden Arches every day, but the competitors aren’t any healthier. This has got to be hell on my body. I can’t keep shoving this crap in my body and consider myself even remotely healthy.

3. I need to be waaay more thoughtful about getting ready for work if I am to have lunch plans ready the night before.

4. Frozen meals typically suck. They tend to feel too small. Sure their portions are most likely more than a healthy human “needs”, but I want more. I don’t want to be hungry again 3 hours after eating lunch. This doesn’t even get into the lack of flavor typically associated with meals from the freezer. Bland, too small lunches do not a good meal make.

Well, it looks like I need to turn over a new leaf and bring my lunch to work. Wasting almost $3k a year on lunches is a bit much to ask of our funding. I mean, really, I could use the $ 216 a month on hookers and blow. The financial ramifications of my lunch-out-a-holism aside, I think the crap lunches are also contributing to my general sense of malaise and tubby feelings as of late. Maybe if I only go out to lunch twice a week…

To recap:
It is cold as a witch’s tit in a brass bra out there
And believe me, that’s cold
I had to jump start my car today
When I went to start my car this morning it was 1° F
That is -17.22 °C
That is 255.9278 K
I had meatballs for lunch today
They were tasty
Paella tomorrow
Hopefully, tonight’s and tomorrow’s meals will supply the rest of the week’s lunchtimes
I was going to tie my problem into the 12 steps associated with Alcoholics Anonymous, but it seems that some of that looks kind of “hooey-ish” to me
A bit too religious for my blood
Honestly, that kind of “higher power” this and “higher power” that would drive me to drink
But it works for some folk
So who am I to judge
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday is the 2nd Style Edition