So I am home this afternoon with Little Man. This is a planned homestay, so no diatribe against the caregivers this time. This one I completely scheduled and expected. I just hope that Little Man wants to take an inordinately long nap today, because his papa needs the sleep. Badly.



Little Man is currently forcing me to watch Blue’s Clues. I have nothing against the show, but I have to know how Steve or Joe made it to adulthood being so completely unaware of their surroundings. Sweet goose down quilts! those 2 couldn’t find their hand in a bag if their hands were in bags. –Wow, that metaphor didn’t work at all- Anyway, it goes to the overall topic or questions regarding awareness and children’s shows. I think the characters on kids' shows have gotten rather complacent in their situational vigilance. I mean, come on, they rely on toddlers and little kids to find everything for them. I swear to pizza on a stick, if Blue’s paw print were an angry venomous snake, there would be 2 less children’s TV hosts around.

Oh, and Dora, Swiper is behind the bush. He is always behind the bush, every single time. Behind the bush. Every time. Why don’t you check there prior to enlisting the aid of my train distracted child. Send your weird footwear-challenged primate to look behind the bush, if Swiper isn’t there, then ask my 3.5 year old if he’s seen him. My child is not your lookout. I don’t want you priming the pump for him to be “the lookout” when people he is loosely acquainted with want to knock over a convenience mart and need another set of eyes.

Where was I? hmmmm Oh yes, not much to say today.

To recap:
I am napping in 20 minutes
Please, please, please let me nap in 20 minutes
Okay, Blogger is being all wonky
I will try publishing again after the nap
Please, please, please let there be a nap
I will publish this after the nap
Have a great weekend

Update: it was a glorious nap. I feel much better. Now we are giving him a breathy. Aaaaah nap. Now I know I won't get to sleep tonight