20 Questions Tuesday: 33 -Time (part 2)

Here we go again. Time is the topic for today, again. Thanks this week goes to Belsum, JW, Bomber, Atmikha, and Wifey.

To the questions:

1. Which incarnation is your favorite Time Lord?
I have never been much of a Dr Who fan. I just couldn’t get into it. The most current version seems the best as far as special effects. So far I like this guy’s version of the Who franchise.

2. How often do you test out 88.5 mph—just in case?
If I owned a Delorian, I would so drive 88.5 all the time. Mainly so I could go back to 1962 and where my mother would hit on me and I’d have to engage in hilarious shenanigans to get my parents back together. And I would also go back to 1964 to keep my mom from shagging that yeti.

3. “Timeline? This is no time to talk about time. We don't have the time!... What was I saying?” - How awesome is drunk Deanna Troi?
Ah, Deanna Troi, a character that they really did not know how to use. “I am sensing pain… great pain!” Thanks a bunch, Troi! Do you think you could sense something useful?

4. I think that the protagonist in The Time Machine is a friggin idiot for testing out his vehicle and not bringing supplies. Hell, he didn’t even pack a sandwich! What are the minimally required items for the intrepid traveler?
I would want a weeks worth of food, some clean underwear, a firearm of some form, cheez-its (for currency), some beer (also for currency), a small commando force, enough Mt Dew to drown a rhino (not for currency), and definitely a towel.

5. Past or Future? What era? Why?
I think future because there would be more acceptance of Little Man’s biracialness (biracialosity? biracialicality?) due to more interracial unions.

6. Please do your best to explain the scientific reasons why children are like black holes in terms of time?
There is no acceptable scientific reason. It all boils down to perception and basic need. It seems that they need all the time, and they need a whole bunch. I once heard it explained thusly, children can take as much as you can give them and always want more. It is up to the parent to determine what the child really needs and then set boundaries. That my friend, is what parenting is all about… and if you believe that load of hooey, I have a bridge to sell you.

7. Time seems to zoom by more quickly the older you get. Discuss amongst yourself.
Again, this is a perception issue more than a time issue. Let’s think of it purely as a form of percentages. 1 year to a 5 year old is 20% of their life, while 1 year to a 30 year old is only 3.33%. 3.33% happens much faster than 20% even though it is the same amount of “time.” This can be said for all increments.

8. Time zooms by doubly fast once you have children (except for the long nights when your child is ill, of course). It makes me quite sad because you want to freeze and cherish every moment. You're a proud papa, your thoughts?
Time flashes by because it is pretty much an overload of sensory input. You cannot soak up every detail. I have started trying to focus on some small details as a kind of mnemonic device. If I can recall Little Man’s hand holding my finger, I can bring up a bunch of the other input from the time.

Also, for the record, I am not a proud man. Pride cometh before the fall, and all that crap. In truth, Wifey beat the proud out of me years and years ago.

9. Is Time really on your side?
Nope, Time got picked first, and I got picked last. What the team captains did not know is that I am better at kick-ball than Time.

10. Favorite song with the word "time" in the title or lyrics? Double bonus points if it's an 80s song.
Anthrax’s “Time,” better than the Joe Jackson original, but I really dig covers.

11. Dorothy Parker said that the definition of eternity is "two people and a ham." Would you agree or disagree?
I would disagree.

12. A lot of Science Fiction/Fantasy plots involve travel into other dimensions or realities, however when the hero returns, no time has passed in the "true" reality. Why is that? If you were a 32 year old king in Narnia, wouldn't waking up tomorrow in your 12 year old life be a royal drag?
Honestly, with how much I hated High School, I would absolutely abhor going back in time to when I was 12. Add onto that that I had been royalty for about 20 years and the pain would only be that much greater.

13. Is it possible to make time your friend if you consistently try to beat it every morning on the way to work?
I try to flow with time, not beat it into submission. Even though time is not on my side (Question 9) we are still friends.

14. In Greek mythology, Chronus, or Time, eats his children so they won't grow up to usurp him. Later Zeus, the sky-god sets his siblings free and replaces them with rocks in their father's guts. Which kill him, of course. What are the Greeks trying to say with that bizarre and grisly tale?
The Greeks had some really whacked out views about parenting. It seems that they thought all children were going to try and kill their parents and the best way of combating this is to devour the children when they are mere babes or exposing them to the elements. In many instances it did not work out all that well.

15. Really, what the hell is that about?
Greeks like eating babies.

16. Why does everything make me sleepy today? I'm afraid I'm not too good at this. Feel free to use or not use any/all of the above. My brain is searching for a nap.
Napping is a wonderful thing, time makes one sleepy. I know I am in the midst of time right now, and in the need of a nap.

17. “What’s the time? It’s time to get ill.” Huh? What were the Beastie Boys saying with this?
I believe they were alluding to the fact that their beats were fresh dope, yo!

18. What is your best time of day? Worst?
I am at my best creatively and cognitively between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am. That is when I am “on game,” so to speak. I am not really in the game early mornings.

19. If you were in one of those sensory deprivation rooms, how would you try to keep track of time?
I wouldn’t. I would be asleep, and during the conscious periods of time I would have the Police’s De Do Do Do De Da Da Da Da running through my head on loop.

20. What’s the longest time you have ever spent playing a computer game – straight through, without breaks?
Ah, Sid Meier’s Civilization II, I remember you well. Okay, I am not considering bathroom breaks and/or grabbing food breaks (chipping in so a friend’s brother would pick up some pizza) as they are less than five minutes in duration. 17.5 hours…. I quit early

To recap:
Next week’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about perception
Funny thing about time, I spent too much on this post
Formatting these 20 Questions Tuesday posts is a time consuming process
Little Man and I are going for a walk this evening
Whether he wants to or not
That is just how it is going to be
I will drag his little butt around the block if I have to
It is 74 º F today
That is 23-24 ºC for you metric folks
296.4833 K for the physicists out there
I think the temp change led to the migraine yesterday
Stupid migraine
Not sure what we will have for dinner, but we might walk to get it