I am going to buck traditional thought and not post about my long weekend trip. I am not going to regale you with anecdotes about bad drivers and overly spicy pizza sauce. I will not blather on incessantly about seeing old friends and the laughter that follows these kinds of re-unions. I will not bore you with tales of angst at being away from Little Man nor with how re-asserting limits on the tyke is a chore in and of itself when Wifey and I returned. Mostly, I will not give you a play by play of how the weekend went. You would all find that as boring as I would whence writing it. That is just how vacations go. They do not translate well into prose for others who didn’t partake of the vacation. So, since most of you were not part of my long weekend, I shall not bore you with details of said weekend.

Instead, I shall bore you with my typical 25 step process for writing a post.

1. I open up my word processing software of necessity
2. I stare at the blank document for a minute
3. Shut down the word processing software because I cannot think of a damn thing to write
4. Call Wifey and see if she has some topics at hand that she can give me
5. Re-open the word processing software
6. Stare at the blank page some more
7. Start writing a post
8. Erase what I wrote
9. Start again
10. Erase again (lather, rinse, repeat…)
11. Figure out some of the recap
12. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead
13. Look over the drivel I just wrote
14. Spell check within the word processing program
15. Be appalled that “blog,” “blogging,” “blogger,” “bloggish,” “blogariffic,” “blogetc…” are not in the word processor’s lexicon
16. Be impressed with myself for coming up with the word “lexicon” in my head (every day occurence)
17 Copy and paste everything into Blogger
18. Format text within Blogger
19. If the post requires pics, find the pics
20. Attach said pics (not attaché pics, because that would be silly)
21. Link where links are necessary
22. Preview
23. Stand back and admire the “work”
24. Publish
25. Look at the blog to see the post in situ
Bored yet?

To recap:
Sadly, the building is not a burnt out husk
So, I have to work today.
Fluffy the headache Marten is back in town! Hey, Fluffy! Nice to see you again! Please go away!
Interesting take on Underdog going on over here
Disturbing take on Underdog here
Little Man’s OT evaluation was this morning
We are a little un-happy with the assessment process
Wifey was, in her words, “Unimpressed”
I am sure many if you (probably 2 of you) are curious about the weekend
Well, it was a really great time
It was odd though, since 4 of the 8 people were unawares of the whole blog
And the 4 who knew about it, didn’t really want to clue the other half in
OOooooooh secrets
Without any childrens around and my lack of sleep, there was a panoply of cursing
“A panoply,” I say, “A PANOPLY!”
I forgot how much I relied on the vile language whilst I was in college
I forgot how much of an artiste I was with the vulgar colloquial aspects of linguistics
I was a master, my brush was a suite of interchangeable base words, and my pièce de résistance was the shocked looks of others
Tomorrow is 20 Questions Tuesday: 33 – Time (part 2)
Quotes from the weekend:
You are all my friends and all, but you are all basically peons
I don’t want to hear your goddamned life story, just order your damn food