Aside from mauling 4 different cats yesterday evening, the walk with Wifey and Little Man went really well, but there was one thing Wifey and I realized about the walk.

To rebuild the day for you, fine readers: It was It is 74 º F (23-24 ºC for you metric folks and 296.4833 K for the physicists out there). It was cloudy and just the slight bit breezy. When the family converged upon the house, there was much flinging open of windows and opening of doors. Happiness ensued. After the airing out of the stuffy house was well underway and all parties involved had eaten something (Little Man’s dinner last night consisted of 1.5 bananananas) we set out on our walk.

Typically we like to walk for about 30 minutes. We just mosey through the neighborhood and enjoy how nice it feels outside. It is quite the nice experience. All involved are usually reluctant to go back home especially Little Man. His reason for continuing the walk stems from his knowledge that the bed-time ritual commences whence the promenade is accompli. We let Little Man direct us here and there and eventually start to wind our way back to the homestead. It is good to give him some control in his life, since so much of his life is out of his control.

Last night, after walking a mere 15 minutes, the little one starts directing us back toward the house. Wifey and I are not ready for our first family walk to be over so we start to direct him away from chez SRH and back deeper into the neighborhood. About 5 minutes pass and we notice that the urchin is exhibiting signs of a full bladder… 5 blocks from home. 5 blocks we would have traversed had we just gone home when the boy wanted to, nay… NEEDED to go home. Turns out that our little potty buddy knew that he was going to need to use the facilities rather soon and his parents forced him to stay away from the potty. We felt great about that. So, I helped him find a tree to bestow his gift of pee. Now, Wifey and I have taught him that trees in alleys are acceptable places to pee. Hurray for us.

To recap:
Maybe we should listen to the youngun
He typically does not want to go home, unless he has to
Peed like a race horse, he did
Once finished peeing, he commented that the tree did not indeed have a flush
He was correct
On the walk he stated to Wifey that she is a “big woman”
Much giggling on Papa’s part ensued
Then Little Man commented that Papa was a “big, fat woman”
Much more giggling on Mama’s part ensued
Working out tonight
Actually, the working out does seem to be getting better
I don’t hate it the entire time I am there now
I still hate everyone there, but I don’t hate the entire time I am there
It is still not enjoyable, just not hate filled