Déjà Vu

So I get up from my desk to go to the bathroom, because, well, that is the good kind of co-worker I am. I stopped peeing in the corner of my cube years ago. I now deposit my solids and liquids into appropriate waste receptacles. That’s just how I roll. Sure it took some time to learn these vagaries of human social-societal interaction, but I got the “don’t poop in my corner” memo loud and clear last time. No need to send that one out again… to HR and/or my boss. I learned my lesson, okay? Anyway… as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by… um… myself, on my way to the bathroom (the WC for my UK readers!), I had one of those déjà vu thingies. Yep, I had a déjà vu on my way to the pisser. Lucky me. On the fortunate side, the déjà vu ended once I had passed by 2 co-workers ummm... co-working at a table and did not continue once I made it into the smelly, stinky, odiferous restroom.

Here is the problem with my déjà vus. They never give me useful information. They tend to gravitate toward the mundane. This one was a trip to the pisser. In one I ate some broccoli. I had another déjà vu where I changed lanes on the Interstate. Wooooooo, thanks for the useless information there. The only superpower I have, and it lets me know useless crap. Look, its Vague Mundane Future Man! You, citizen! Are going to eat a sandwich with pickles! And, you, law enforcement officer, are going to step over a puddle.... Lovely power. I soooo would not wear spandex for that. All uselessness aside, I am starting to recognize the déjà vus quicker and actually recall what is going to happen before it actually happens. In these instance when I recognize it as it is happening, I also recognize that there is not a point to trying to alter the potential future.

For example, today’s déjà vu was me walking somewhere and I would pass someone sitting at a desk and then 2 people standing at a table discussing something on my way to somewhere else. I think I had the original “vision” around 10 years ago (meaning I did not know the people in the déjà vu were co-workers). I recognized the déjà vu as I passed the co-worker at his desk and prior to passing the 2 co-workers at the table discussing traffic volumes or some other boring crap. I could have stopped and gone back to my desk, but that would not have necessarily altered any potential future I already had… (that was an odd sentence to write.) Anyway, I would still have had to go to the restroom, so I would have eventually gotten there.

I think I would pay closer attention to changing the outcome of these déjà vus if they revolved around some more important matters. By “more important matters” I don’t necessarily mean world events of life altering events either. In the example above, if I knew the déjà vu ended with me peeing on my shoe, I would have gone back to my desk. Who wants to pee on one’s own shoe?

To recap:
I think I have seen this before
I really should be drunk to write about this in a public forum
If I were drunk I would have gotten all non-linear on your collective asses
Orthoganality doesn’t have to propogate in one vector, baby!
Just be glad I was not drunk
20 Questions Tuesday is tomorrow
We will be discussing Time
Not sure what aspect of time we* shall be discussing
Only time will tell
Get it?
“Only time will tell”?
Cause we’re* talking about time, but we* haven’t narrowed down the multiple aspects of time
At least I am funny in my head
Could be about TIME the magazine
I doubt it, but it could be
*Royal “We”