20 Questions Tuesday: 42 - Feelings...

Originally I was going to have the topic for today be about the sense of touch due to the sensory nature of the past couple of Tuesdays, but I decided against it since most of the people in the list from which I request questions are gutter dwelling porn fiends (I am looking at you, Lord Pithy! And you, Dustin!). I changed the topic to Feelings instead (much to the chagrin of some).

Thanks this week go to the Snorks addict Lord Pithy, the blunt instrument of observation that is Nadolny, the locker-room humor naïf Bomber, the unfortunate porn addict Dustin, my long lost sibling Allrileyedup, and the gutter dwelling porn addict WVSlim.

1. Obligatory cage match question: Barry Manilow vs. Kenny G?
Kenny G, he could use his saxophone as a weapon. How could he not break Barry’s nose with the thing?

2. What stupid song has the line, "Be quiet, big boys don't cry"? I can hear it being whispered, but it's absolutely driving me insane.
This song is not what is driving you insane.

3. What is the acceptable time one can pout after having one's feelings hurt before one is considered self-indulgent?
It really depends on the offense and the pout affectation. Are you standing in front of them, arms crossed, tapping your foot, and sighing a little bit too loud? Because that has a very short window of appropriateness

4. Feelings?... WTH made you pick this topic?... One demerit to your GUY card!
I lost my GUY card a long long time ago.

5. If you feel up a tree in a forest, and no one’s around, does it make a sound?
If you listen really hard you can hear it whispering on the wind… “it is the body, it is not me…”

6. Do you think that discussing your feelings with a psychologist (other than wifey) would ever be a productive thing?
I do, I have, and it was. The problem with therapists is finding a good one that is not too effed in their own head. Many people who are in the mental health field are there to focus on others mental and emotional issues at the peril of their own (Freud anyone?).

Finding a therapist that works for you is a tiresome and annoying procedure. Their personality and yours have to be compatible and they have to have a theory of practice that works with your thought process (are they solution focused, whereas you are existential?)

7. Favorite feel-good movie?
Love Actually. See, no GUY card to speak of.

8. Do you spend energy trying to be considerate of the feelings of others? Not just those you love, but people who come and go during your day - coworkers, the dude at the gas station, etc.
I take efforts to be polite to those I come in contact with and may not ever see again, but I am not positive that it could be considered “considerate” of their collective feelings.

9. Quick - name a song that comes to mind with the word feel/feelings in the title or lyrics! (Other than the terrible and obvious song, "Feelings.")
More than a Feeling by Boston because I am all about the power ballad

10. Would you rather feel nauseated or so stressed you were made to sweat?
Nauseated to the point of sweating? That is pretty nauseated. Ummm… I will go with stressed.

11. Do you have any foods that qualify as "feel good" food (other than Cheese Cake since your dependency on that food item is well known to all)?
I am not proud of this in the slightest.

12. Can one really be "Hooked on-a Feeling"? Speaking of Hooked on a Feeling, who sings the best version of the song?
Psychological dependence is a scary thing. heroine users are all technically “hooked on a feeling.” So, in answer to part 1 of the question, “Yes.” Part 2 = the Hoff. ‘nuff said

13. Is it wrong to feel bad spending $400 on camping supplies?
It depends on if you mean camping equipment such as tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags, or if you mean camping supplies such as dehydrated food, bug repellent, and matches. The former: nope, very easy to rack up $400. The latter: ummm…. I question would question one’s purchasing practices unless a large scale camping trip is about to be undertaken

14. What is the best answer to the question "I don't feel so well?"
Maybe, you’ll tell me when you know?

15. Do you believe in psychic-type feelings?
Yes, I remember reading somewhere that people only use 10% of their brain. There is a boatload of grey matter that we don’t use that could lead to some of the more commonly held extra mental abilities.

16. I'm all out of questions. How does that make you feel to know you've stumped me?
Really good. Honestly, I will sleep better tonight for it.

17. When was the last time you cried?
I think I have blocked out that memory, because the last time I can think of was when I was like 9 years ago. I am sure it has happened since then. Do I get my GUY card back now?

18. What has Little Man's most outrageous outburst of feelings been?
The outburst that confuses Wifey and I the most is when he goes ape-shit because his decorative band-aid has come off.

19. What was the worst thing you did to hurt someone's feelings?
Told it like it is. Word.

20. Do you believe in intuition - gut feelings?
Yes, indubitably

To recap:
Day 1 down, I just have to survive 4 more with Little Man solo
Yes, merely “survive”
That was all I was tasked with
I slept fro crap last night
Probably will sleep for crap again tonight
It is the way of things
Sorry to break it to you, but the Magic 8 Ball isn’t really magic
Scissors or shears?
Little Man was ready to leave before I was this morning
My headphones at work are from 1994
I think I might need some new ones
I don’t feel so well?
If you have any feeling questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments