Just a Recap

I do not have the energy to come up with a post today. I will leave you wanting more by just posting a recap.

You guys do want more, right? I am in the midst of an existential dilemma currently and do not wish to wallow in self misery via these here Intertubes

To recap:
Day 2 down, I just have to survive 3 more with Little Man solo
Yes, indeed, merely survive
Last night it rained
My eyes sang out with joy as the rain came down
I can breathe again
Even with my nose
It is truly awful when there is nothing you can do to comfort someone
And last night I felt completely and utterly powerless
I am semi-ambidextrous
Hyperbole is the funniest form of humor… EVER
The More Outrageously Random Alphabet of SRH continues tomorrow
Suggestions for letters is appreciated
I have to make a digital mound of dirt now
If I bottled a soft drink I would have to call it REVENGE
Because REVENGE is sweet
And REVENGE is best served cold
Man, I should be in marketing