4 Things

There are four things that I want to convey to you today.

Thing the first: Wifey is heading out of town for the week. She is getting trained in some sort of talk-fu so she can help facilitate difficult conversations in business environments. Her week is going to be nutso busy. The schedule of events that they sent her has her day starting at 8:30 and ending 13 hours later… every day of the training. Little Man and I will be living up the bachelor’s life this week. Living it up, I say. Actually, it will not be terribly bad until Thursday and Friday. That is about as much as his tolerance of just me will survive. It is late in the week when the Mimma cavalry will need to charge.

I think I will need to plan a bit better for this Wifey absence. Last time I really had not thought of a menu or gone grocery shopping. I need to spend some of my lunch hour today getting all my ducks in a row. It will run much smoother with me and Little Man if I have a game plan this time. I hate having to plan for this sort of stuff.

Thing the second: I am surprised by my lack of crispiness. The fam was not outside for terribly long yesterday (about 1.5 hours), but the sun I saw was an intense one. My forehead and thinning hairline should by all rights be beat red, and yet it is not. Miracles never cease.

Thing the third: The pecking order in Little Man’s world currently goes:
Number 1: Mimma
Number 2: Trains
Number 3: Papa
Number 4: Wifey

At least I am coming in at number 3 (ergo “Thing the third,” sometimes I do think these things out). Wifey and I switch positions fairly often. I imagine after Wifey being gone for a week and Little Man and I butting heads for a week, she will take the number 3 position from me Saturday morning.

As far as the number 2 position goes, for some unexplainable reason, trains still command his attention. He talks about them in his sleep, he reminds us of the trains we have seen recently in our daily conversations. If we are not talking about something he is interested in, he will start asking questions about trains. I imagine conversations between Wifey and I go something like this in his head.

Me: Blah blah blah boring boring boring not talking about trains blah boring blah boring blah BORING
Wifey: Gibber gibber gibber prattle prattle not talking about trains either flipperty flubbity gibber gibber
Little Man: Remember Norfolk Southern from last night? It was a short train! /insert insane 3.75 year old cackling laughter/ It a funny short train!

Sometimes this ploy at altering the course of conversation works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

His number 1 is Mimma. She has a hard time telling Little Man “No,” so she is clearly his favorite. I don’t want to make it seem like she doesn’t have other redeeming qualities that a 3.75 year old wouldn’t like, but I think the crux of her number 1 position is her lack of boundaries with him.

Thing the fourth: There is some sort of mental block going on right now with me and the checkbook. For some reason, I am just not wanting to put our receipts together in the check register. I am not sure what that is about, but it is becoming a problem. Right now, Wifey and I only have a vague notion of how much money we have at our beck and call, and for some reason I am just unwilling to discipline myself and work on the checkbook weekly. I need to get through that wall, whatever it may be.

To recap:
I also need to clean the bathroom again
It is a sty
I am off to the airport to drop off Wifey in about 1 minutes
I miss her already
I can’t believe the EPL season is over
20 Questions Tuesday: 42 – Feelings
Wow, this is a weak recap
Weak like “Don’t bring that weak ass game if you can’t play”
I will endeavor to have better recaps for the rest of the week
It is my mission