P: 16 of 26

Here we are with the tenth installment of the Ever More Patternless Random Alphabet of SRH. It is later than usual, but later is better than neverer. Today’s Random Letter Meanings for SRH comes from the anonymous comment from yesterday. Today’s letter is the 16 th letter of the English alphabet, the letter P.

P: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O…. P, Painting pink pajamas, Policeman in a pail. Peter Pepper’s puppy. And now Papa’s in the pail.

P is one of the letters that didn’t take me long to figure out. The word that immediately came to mind when I thought of the letter p was “Pee,” but everyone pees so how personal is that for my alphabetic identity? The second word that came up was progeny. So today’s word, boys and girls, is progeny, my progeny to be exact.

Today’s post will be about Little Man’s impact on my life, not necessarily about Little Man.
Rapidly coming up on four years ago lives were altered permanently by the arrival of our baby boy.

Here is a partial list of things that have changed since the arrival of Little Man:

  • My hale and hearty yoga instructing brickhouse (she’s mighty mighty) of a wife sustained significant injuries to her back and hips due to labor complications
  • My sleep deprivation hit all time highs, or is it lows?
  • I started significantly losing hair (unfortunately not on my back)
  • I think that had to do with sleep debt
  • We started cooking almost all of our meals due to Little Man’s food allergies
  • Housekeeping became a thing of the past
  • Work only mattered due to the paycheck
  • Priorities were re-arranged
  • Amount of trains seen in person and via YouTube
  • I became a little boy’s hero
  • That one is scary, because heros always end up letting you down eventually
  • Superman isn’t real, Batman is psychologically messed up, Captain America is dead,
  • And my brother has a hard time looking past his own reflection in the mirror
  • My TV viewing habits
  • Amount of computer game time
  • I started checking my language at home
  • I started cursing more at work
  • I achieved a cursing/noncursing balance
  • A harmony of coarse and smooth language
  • My knowledge of asthma and food allergies
  • I started driving different
  • More erratically due to lack of sleep
  • Amount of conversations surrounding the topic of poo
Here is a partial list of things that have not been changed (much) since Little Man’s arrival:

  • My wardrobe
  • Love of Wifey
  • The sheets on the bed (yee-uck)
  • Sense of humor
All in all the changes in my life due to the arrival of my progeny are all worth it. When he falls asleep on my arm it is amazingly sweet. That is until I cannot feel my fingers due due to his noggin resting in the crock of my elbow. I love his inquisitiveness and how it makes me create plausible answers to a 3.75 year old’s burning questions.

To recap:
Day 3 is down and Day 4 is almost over, a little over a day left for the sole care provider role
It will be nice to have Wifey back
I think I might be zoo-ing it tomorrow
It would be fun to look at the tigers
And relish the hippo free zoo
Little Man and I will be doing something fun, gosh darnit!
2 of the 3.5 digital mounds of dirt rendered
1 more, but three versions of it
Ham, green beans, and crispy crowns for dinner tonight
Little Man’s menu
I haven’t slept an average of 3.5 hours of sleep a night without Wifey here
Lordy, am I tired
I still think REVENGE is the best name for a soft drink ever!
Open up a can of REVENGE
The secret ingredient is vengeance
Have a nice weekend everyone