Three Things

Three main things to cover today.

Thing the first:
Wifey came home. It involved a trip to Cleveland, some duct tape, a Coke can, and 15 ft of razor wire, but she got home.

Thing the Second: My prediction of Wifey taking over the number 3 spot was woefully incorrect. I am still a solid number 3. Both Wifey and I are surprised by this outcome. I really thought I might have gotten a break. Turns out that instead of Little Man feeling joyous at her return he is still bitter at her departure. He holds a grudge, what can I say.

Thing the Third:
The digital piles of dirt I have been working on needed to be done today at 4pm. I gave them to the PM at 4:05pm. All in all I would say that was a success. It was not the 4 “simple” renderings that I was promised. Turns out that there were 6 renderings in all, and one of them required me “erasing” a boat load of the existing photo and painting what was most likely behind the stuff I removed.

PM: Can you take out this tree so we can see the buildings behind it?
Me: Oh, God…… /wimper

To recap:
Weekend was lovely
A “Thanks for honking for Little Man” goes out to the NS engineer in the Conrail engine
Little Man was out of his mind happy with that
Truly he was bat-shit insane happy with the Conrail honking
That made me really happy
No really, he made Wifey call me today so he could remind me that "Conrail train honked because you waved."
"No, the Conrail honked because you waved, Little Man."
For those of you not in the know, when you erase a tree in a photo the building behind it does not magically appear
Tomorrow will be 20 Questions Tuesday: 43 - By the Numbers
Excited yet?
Didn’t think so
If I had free punch and pie I would give it out
I imagine you would be much more interesting a 20 Questions Tuesday if there were free punch and pie
I know I would be more interested in writing it
I am debating whether or not I should go work out tonight
It has been about 3 weeks since my last gym foray
I am not looking forward to the results of my neglect
If I go I will hurt tomorrow
If I don’t I will feel terrible about myself
What to do… what to do