So today once at home with the fam, Little Man did one of the things that makes Wifey and I roll our eyes and/or giggle. It is something he has been doing ever since we really felt that we had succeeded in "conquering" his day-time potty training. Night time potty training is an issue we haven't yet tackled. Stop judging us! If he realizes that he can get out of his bed when he has to pee, he will "have to pee" a whole bunch in the middle of the night. I mentioned that we got him a bed with a slide on it, right? Anyway... ever since we felt like he has been successfully day-time potty trained he does the same thing prior to going to the bathroom to pee. He looks at us like we have been forcibly keeping him from the bathroom and frantically says, "I Gotta PEE!" He then runs up the stairs to our bathroom to relieve himself.

Well, this early evening is one such case. He was, oddly enough, playing with some toy tractors when the frantic exclamatory statement of "I Gotta PEE!" was issued. He ran upstairs. He peed like he was an adult who had just consumed a 6-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. We could here him pee-ing from downstairs. We had 2 fans on, the TV, and I am sure the phone was ringing, but we heard it nonetheless. He stopped pee-ing, and if he were an adult with a 6-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon in his gullet we would have heard an, "AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" But instead we heard a loud THUMP! followed by eerie silence. I looked at Wifey and she in turn looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and she in turn shrugged her shoulders at me.

I went to the foot of the stairs and called up to Little Man, "Hey, Little Man? Everything all right?" More unsettling silence. "Whatcha doing up there?"

Pregnant pause... "Nothing" he said sheepishly.

Oh, it begins....

To recap:
I remember quite vividly some of the things...
***New Little Man animal persona alert!***
This just in, Little Man is now a Tomcat named, "Whitey"
Yep, "Whitey"
Laughter abounded when he told us his name
He was quite confused
***We now take you back to your regularly scheduled recap***
... I did as a kid when I said, "Nothing"
The USMNT has won its last 2, but they have not done so in resounding fashion
They need to come down on El Salvador like a hammer or many a fan will be unhappy
20 Questions should be a good one tomorrow
The topic is "Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask"
Still blocked from posting at work
I really don't see it changing much
There are wose things in life