M: 13 of 26

As per Wifey’s comment on yesterday’s post, today’s letter from the Random Alphabet of SRH is the letter M. Oddly enough there is a certain symmetry for this post being about M. This is my 13th post in the Random Alphabet of SRH and aptly enough, this is the 13th letter in the English alphabet. So without further ado...

M: Big M, Little m, Many mumbling mice are making midnight music in the moonlight… mighty nice

This was one of those few letters that I was able to come up with nearly immediately. (I still haven’t figured out I, J, and Z, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.) The mere shape of the letter evokes memories of what it symbolizes to me. When I think of “M” I think of mountains.

Some people love the water. Some people love the beach. Some people feel like they are not recharged until they have dipped their feet in the ocean. Those people probably don’t have enough salt/mercury in their diet. Me, I love me some mountains. Growing up it was only an afternoon away from being in the Appalachians, but those mountains are too rounded for my tastes. If I am going to visit a mountain range that I absolutely love, I am most likely going to the Rockies. (Not the Rocky’s). So far I have only been to the Rockies a few times. Once with my family in the 80’s. Once with the Boy Scouts for a backpacking extravaganza. Once with my wife and our then 1.5 year old. Once to visit my best friend. Each time I have fallen more and more in love with that particular mountain range.

For me, there is just nothing like seeing the sunset create pools of molten gold on the side of a mountain. Waking up in the clouds where all is quiet is a wonderful experience as well. The majesty and grandeur associated with mountains is something that fills me with awe, quiets my mind and brings me a certain level of peace. People often ask where I would like to live and each time I immediately think, “In the mountains, you dullard. Where people won’t ask me stupid questions, and I can have a well fortified compound where I am the cult of personality for a small group of devoted followers, you humdrum boob!” I usually say, “Oh, I don’t know. Someplace with mountains and hiking or something,” because I don’t want them to know that I think they are a dullish humdrum boob. My internal voice external voice filter is like magic.

There is something about the forested sides of the mountains that just makes me at peace. There is something about knowing I have stepped foot above the tree-line that just makes me happy. The words alpine tundra are like music to my ears. So for the letter M, you get Mountains.

To recap:
The Internet access issues are still issues
The .blogspot domain is active, but I cannot log in to anything with blogger.com in the URL
Basically, I don’t think this will really ever be resolved
It is not a high priority on the IT staff’s “to do” list
No big deal
Tomorrow I will finish up this rail stuff that I am working on
Looks like some of my art was selected for the cover for an RPG manual
I am going to be a published artist
Who would have thought?
Not me, for sure
USA v Guatemala tonight for the beginning of the US’s run on the 2007 Concacaf Gold Cup
Have a great weekend everyone