Car Straw

So on the way to G-Ma D and G-Pa R’s today Little Man looked out the windshield and stated, “The straw on the car is used to bring the radio in.”

Ah, the world as seen through the eyes of someone with a limited vocabulary.

Anyway, the blog “reading” ban has been lifted, but my abilities to post and comment are still compromised (or sporadic at best). Many of the pictures that people embed within their posts are not visible for me. Basically, I am only partially connected to the blogosphere, so I am still posting from the homestead tonight. I will see how the commenting/posting thing works for tomorrow.

On some of work related blogs that I go to, I am not able to see the dreadfully dull conversation that ensues after the post, nor can I participate with my droll comments. Such witticisms as, “WTF, you can’t do a choropleth map using a standard deviation classification system when you are using ordinal data! Sweet Jebus on a stick! Do you work for USA Today or something?” Can you feel the burn? Yeah I brought it on that one. Oh, those blogs fear the sting of the mighty SRH.

One time I had this guy near tears because he wanted to use graduated symbols on nominal data. I was like, get to the back of the class, Poindexter
And he was all, but all I did was ask a simple question.
And I was like, well, duh.
And he was all, why do you have to be soo mean
And I was like, because stupid people need to know their limitations. So STFU, n00b! kthxby
I got a few virtual high fives for that one because I pwned him so bad.*

To recap:
The antennae on my cup is used to emit the drink in my mouth
Speaking of drinks in my mouth, I am a bit parched at the moment
I will have a real post tomorrow
Today, I just have too much to do
Yes, tomorrow’s will be another letter
You may suggest letters in comments
Do not chose any of the letters I have already done:
A, C, D, F, K, L, N, P, R, T, and W
Also please do not chose B, H, or Y
They have been saved for the end
So I guess you can fight over me doing one of the letters in this group:
E, I, J, M, O, Q, U, V, X, and Z
Boy, I am bossy

*all stories associated with comments on GIS/Cartography blogs are purely fictitious and never happened anywhere but in SRH’s weak little head. Nothing that exciting ever gets posted in the comments sections of mapping/GIS/Spatial Data forums or blogs. The most exciting thing is when someone finds another place to download more free data. Oooooooh exciting!