There is no better way to start a week than sleep deprived and irritable. I am sure of it. I am sooo sure of it, that I have been doing it for the past 7 years. That is commitment to a philosophy, baby! I mean, really, if it weren’t working, do you think I would still be doing it? That would be just plain silly. I mean why would I continue to do the same thing over and over again if I thought it would bring about a different outcome than the best way to start a work week? That would just make no sense whatsoever, and I am all about the sense making. No really.

I have found that to be in the correct frame of mind for a 40 hour a week computer based job, it is best if I am slightly grumpy and easily caused to yawn. This edge to my voice and quickness to indicate boredom has endeared me to many a co-worker and superior. Many a work assignment has been not asked for because of a steely Clint-Eastwood-esque glint in my eye. You know the look that Clint gives when he is about to shoot someone with a big old handgun? Yeah, that look. Well, my look is vaguely similar. To be fair, it is not a steely nor a really imposing look. Basically my looks comes off as whiney and complainish. In essence exchange the threat of violence at the hands of Dirty Harry, to a hint of guff that one might endure at the hands of SRH, and I think you might be on the correct track for the sleep deprived grumpiness I exude. Oh, guff has been given in the past, and no one wants this guff… no one!

I have also gotten out of many a work assignment by haphazardly employing the use of a well-timed inadvertent yawn. Nothing says to a coworker that their story is boring the paint off the walls like an uncontrollable yawn. This yawning often indicates to the person I am talking with that their conversation needs some help in the delivery.

It also helps to be recently un-showered and needing a good shave. I should know, I have been doing a companywide longitudinal study on the affects of slightly bad hygiene and level of work/life endearment. I am going into my 5th year of the study and the statistics might surprise you. They didn’t surprise me though, mainly because I am the one cooking the data, but that is a story for another day.

My co-workers, they love me, and I won’t hear otherwise.

To recap:
English Premiere League started up this weekend
Now we can see some top flight soccer early in the day and cap it off with some top mid level stuff with MLS in the evenings
It is a good mix of the 2
Fulham FC really need to play stronger than last year
One of the comic book artists I have been following passed away this weekend
I am simply stunned (the above link is getting pegged pretty hard, try this one)
And here I was thinking that people dying didn’t affect me much anymore
Does this make me have, how do you hoo-mons call it, feelings again?
Mike Wieringo is one of the reasons that I decided to start doing artistic stuff again
Rest in Peace, Mike