V: 22 of 26

Since there are only 5 letters left I have decided to take them in a less than random order. By random chance, honestly random chance, H and Y have stayed out of the mix. They shall be the last letters. So sayeth the author, so it shall be written, so it shall be done. Of the remaining letters, H, S, Y, and Z, the only one I do not have a word for so far is Z. Any ideas?

So for today the letter in question is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet, the letter “V.” There is a TV miniseries from the 80’s associated with the letter. There is a 1980’s comic book series with V very prominent in the title which was later made in to a movie in 2005. It has been a symbol of victory. It has been a symbol for peace. It is a very versatile letter to say the least. V is one of those letters that harkens back to the proto-alphabets of the pre-Roman eras. I think it started out as a bulls head or something like that. Anyway, the V is a letter that is near and dear to my heart. “Why?” You ask. Well you have to keep reading to get that answer.

V: Big V, Little v, Vera Violet Vinn is very very very awful on her violin.

Oh, where to start. V was an easy letter for which to come up with a word. I have waxed eloquent on the topic before, and I am sure that I will again. Some might find this word to be bland and boring, but it is not for me. No, not for me… In the lexicon of SRH, V stands for, and will always stand for, Vanilla.

The issue with using vanilla as my V word is not some much how much I love Vanilla, but more to the matter, where to start with my love for Vanilla. Should I talk about the wonders of stepping from plain vanilla to French vanilla and then to vanilla bean? Would it be better to start with how most other sweet flavors recognize their need for vanilla in their preparation? I truly am at a loss for where to start this process.

I will begin at the beginning. Why is vanilla unique? Vanilla is the extracted from the seed pod from a particular orchid. In fact, this seed pod is the only portion of any orchid which (correct me if I’m wrong) is not insanely poisonous and detrimental to humans if consumed. That will make pretty much anything unique. If I were an edible seed pod from the orchid family, I would be rather unique, I must say.

So now I shall go into the myriad of vanillas that I cannot live without.

Edy’s Vanilla Bean Slow Churned ice cream: mmmmmmm one third less fat than their typical ice cream. Really for ice cream, vanilla bean is the way to go. Bryers does it really well, but the double churned stuff from Edy’s is the whip shit. Lots of taste followed by less fat. I can eat 3 times as much and feel only twice as guilty.

Wendy’s Vanilla Frosty: I have written about that all ready, and been quoted by media as well.

Penzy’s Double Strength Pure Vanilla Extract: You know how with most vanillas and with most baking recipes you have to double the amount of vanilla asked for? Not so with this stuff. It is incredible, just plain incredible. One should not bake confections without it.

Penzy’s Vanilla Sugar: This stuff kicks ass. When you are looking for a more subtle flavor palette for toast than cinnamon sugar, this is the way to go.

Cheesecake Factory Vanilla Bean Cheesecake: I really am not going to take the time to explain this one. Much like a joke, if you need to explain it, the person is not worthy of it.

In conclusion: mmmmmmmmmm vanilla

To recap
Orange rice tonight
Methinks Little Man will be happy about that
I am really digging this game over lunches
Because I am both a geek and a Star Wars geek
At the same time
I know it is shocking
Not much else to recap about
Maybe Monday will be a better recap day
Oh, in less than a week both Mimma and my dad have gotten knee surgeries
Small world
Little Man’s knees are doomed
Wifey has had surgery on her knee
I have one bad knee and one worse one
My brother has had 3 knee surgeries as well
Yep, by 2053, I think both of Little Man’s knees will have been replaced
Have a great weekend everyone