M to the D

I have to admit it. I have been hitting the sauce rather frequently these days, and I know I have a problem. I say I can quit at anytime, but I know that is a lie. I can take a break for a limited amount of time, but I am never truly out of its clutches. I know that no matter how long I have been “dry” I will eventually come back to its warm invigorating embrace.

I have been clean for months at a time, but like they say, you can’t allow just one drop. That one drop is like a snare and, I guess, in this analogy it makes me the rabbit? You don’t snare mink, do you? They are trapped instead of snared, right? I guess I would be like the rabbit, even though it would be softer smoother and silkier to be a mink. Yes, I know it would be stinkier, but I wouldn’t have minded, I would be the freaking mink. Well, not “The Freaking Mink,” that would be like me saying I was the Michael Jordan of minks, and no one would believe that, especially since I would have just been snared. The Michael Jordan of minks isn’t going to get snared. That would be just plain degrading. Now, the Cuba Gooding Jr. of minks could possibly get snared. That mink would have won an Oscar and then somehow degraded his box office clout enough to be doing Daddy Daycare 2 or some such crap. Although, now that I think of it, The Michael Jordan of Minks did make the mink version of Space Jam, that has to account for some level of snare-ability. This is so confusing.

Where was I? Oh yes, It wakes me in the morning, it keeps me going in the afternoon, and if I can’t help myself, it keeps me company when everyone else is sleeping at night. This companion of mine is both a boon and a burden. I love it and hate it. I crave it and want it far away. I don’t need it, yet I am addicted. I would cry for help, but the only one who would answer is what I am addicted to.
Mountain Dew, you are the cruelest of beverage mistresses. Unless one does Red Bull or some other one of those “Energy” drinks. Or coffee. That shit will kill you and stain your teeth. Then there is the whole spectrum of alcohol to think of. Now that you mention it, Mountain Dew ain’t so bad.

To recap:
Tomorrow is another letter out of the alphabet
I have H, S, V, Y, and Z left
I think I will remove the random label and start assigning dates to these letters
Tomorrow will be V
Not the horrid 80’s miniseries though, just the letter
Don't get me wrong, it kicked ass in the 80's, but it is painful to watch today
Any guesses as to the word I choose?
I have it picked out already
Little Man updated again, but I don’t think he took his camera today
It is hot out there today
Well, I have some work to get done