No time

I got to work this morning and found 6 people waiting for me in my cubicle. Luckily it wasn’t 4 security guys, my boss, and a HR professional waiting with boxes… this time. It seems that the project I was working on with the assumption that it needed to be completed by end of business tomorrow needs to be finished by 8:30 tomorrow morning. Needless to say much of today has been a blur of activity. Sadly this leave you, the fine readers of Under Construction (which I shall now refer to affectionately as “the UC”) with a rather anemic post.

Such is the will of the working world some of the time. One might wonder why I didn’t just use the word “sometimes” instead of the phrase “some of the time.” Why, Dear Reader, it is simply because I do not wish to leave you and go back to final edits to the marketing presentation I am cobbling together.

To recap:
I have a shit-ton to do today
There is not a shit ton of time left in the day
I have a meeting to get to in 15 minutes
It is not about what I currently am having a fire drill about
Seems a bit frivolous to me
But my boss told me to be there
He also told me to have this presentation ready for tomorrow morning
He is correct about both
Tomorrow’s letter is H
Put on your killing shoes and get ready to talk smack about the hippo
I am bringing my A-game tomorrow
Not this c-game stuff you are reading right now
I am going to work out this evening
I need it