It's a Monday like no other

So, Wifey is co-facilitating some sort of training in rural Indiana near Louisville, Kentucky at the moment, and has been gone since early Saturday morning. Oddly enough, when she left this time she did not leave me with a sick kid. Go, Wifey! So this weekend has been a weekend of bachelorhood for the 2 men in the SRH household, and let me tell you, we have been living it up.

So, today I am at home with Little Man. Tomorrow is his first day of 4-yr old pre-school, and he is pretty jazzed about it. It is only an hour long tomorrow and I am required to be there, so it should be nothing more than an orientation. Pre-school starting means that the evening prep-time for his day tomorrow just got more involved, but that is just basically because I am quite the whiner.

He is currently “taking his nap.” This activity has lately become him watching a quiet DVD for an hour instead of the Electric Company on crack that is Yo Gabba Gabba which he usually watches. He simply refuses to close his eyes and nap, even though some days it would be the best possible activity for him. Don’t judge me! He is watching Kipper which is as close to watching paint dry as kid’s programming could be. He is basically asleep, which is good enough for me.

Anyway… I have to get some stuff done around the house before the Wifey gets home.

To Recap:
Any “InDesigner”s out there who want to give me some quick tips?
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be 20 Questions Little Man asked me today before 8:30
Not all the questions he asked, just 20 of them
He is quite the interrogator
Especially when I am not that awake
Wifey is in “the sticks” teaching folk how to problem solve
Their current problem is being in “the sticks”
Little Man’s occupational therapy went swimmingly today
Capt. McArmypants is in transit today
Next stop Kuwait
Then on to Afghanistan until his tour is done
My brother starts his process to get to Iraq in early October