Y: 25 of 26

Here it is the ultimate in the Alphabet of SRH. The 26th installment of the soon to be defunct project. I was not sure this day would ever come, and then I looked at a calendar and realized that would only be half a year. We have had high points and we have had low points. Since starting this train wreck 26 weeks ago I have gotten 117 comments so far (sadly including mine).

Without further ado…

Y: Big y, Little y. Yawning yellow yak. Young Yolanda Yorgenson is yelling on its back.

Y is a fun little letter. It makes men, well, men. It is often an answer even though it sounds like a question. Y is the suffix that shifts verbs and nouns to be more adjective-y. It is a great letter. Even with all these wonderful everyday uses of “Y,” the letter has come to mean sooo much more to me. To me, Y will always be associated with Yeti.

The yeti and I have had many conversations both public and private since I started this blog. Sometimes nastiness ensues, sometimes bonding, but since the Yeti’s pronouncement of being my kind of sibling I have not heard from him at all. I fear for him in some ways, but in others I am confident in my older half-sibling’s ability to survive. He has been doing it for over 39 years. That’s right, the Yeti is cresting the hill, folks. He is nigh on 4 decades now.

Anyway… since finding out that The Yeti is actually my half-brother due to some dalliance my mom had in college. I did start noticing some subtle differences in The Yeti and a typical yeti. For instance, typical yetis stand over 7 feet tall (2.13 meters for the metric folk out there) and heavily muscled. The only exposed skin is their eye socket area, nose, mouth, ears, and hands. Also their exposed skin is a strong cobalt blue in color. They are heavily muscled and their straight haired coats are camouflaged such that they can survive and hide in an alpine environment.

The Yeti conversely is just over 6 feet tall (1.83 meters), a little pudgy, has a receding forehead, with light blue skin showing under his curly ruddy coat. He really isn’t a very typical yeti now that I think about it.

Poor Artist Rendering of a Typical Yeti and “The” Yeti
"Click pic to embiggen"

To recap:
Happy 10th Anniversary Wifey!
According to this chart I should have given Wifey something tin or aluminium
Disregard the “Modern Gift” section of the chart
Disregard it completely
It is entirely bogus
What will I fill my Thursday posts with now that The Random Yet Not So Random Alphabet of SRH is over?
The pic had to be created
There are no good pictures of yetis
Digital or traditional
Have a great weekend everyone